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Retailer Spotlight Grenon's Of Newport, RI, And Brent L. Miller Jewelers & Goldsmiths Of Lancaster, PA

Retailer Spotlight Grenon’s Of Newport, RI, And Brent L. Miller Jewelers & Goldsmiths Of Lancaster, PA

In this portion of our new Retailer Spotlight segment, we investigate two retailers who are centered around serving radically various corners of the watch world.

Ray Grenon in Newport, Rhode Island conveys watches from brands that even the most prepared perusers of HODINKEE presumably haven’t knew about. He’s a small time band with watches that are doubtlessly the solitary model in the country. We’ll likewise get with Ryan Miller, who took up the privately-owned company at Brent L. Mill operator Jewelers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Ryan’s been coordinating “Simple Saturdays,” where watch-fixated people get together on Saturday mornings for an impact through the Pennsylvania dirt roads in vehicles with restricted electronics. The business has additionally given various clocks to the neighborhood train station in Lancaster, which was – and still is – a vital city in the American horological tradition.

The thought behind this segment is to give up the receiver to the retailers and let them feature how they’ve been serving the  communities they’re in, so how about we take a look! 

Grenon's of Newport

Everybody has a creation story. What’s yours?

It all began when I was just 13 years of age with a late spring position washing dishes. Simultaneously, my sister began working in a gems store. At some point, she got back a watch list – this was during the 1980s – and it displayed the new Tissot Rockwatch line that had a case cut out of strong stone. I thought it was the coolest thing on the planet, thus it started. I at that point needed to get the following model that was made out of wood, and it just gathered momentum from that point. I actually have every one of them today as well! I in the end made it an objective to get each tone and each variety of Rockwatch at any point made. At that point it, obviously, extended to different brands both old and new.

When I headed out to school I landed my fantasy position at a watch store in the shopping center. It was designated “The Best of Times” and was a chain possessed by Woolworths. We had a presentation for watches that were $19, $29, and $39. In those days, the very good quality for that store was Seiko Lasalle and Citizen Noblia. It was a particularly cool opportunity to be in the watch business as I sold the primary Seiko Kinetics (which would later become Spring Drive) that went ahead the market, just as the main Timex Indiglo. I even sold the actually amazing (at that point) Timex/Microsoft coordinated effort called the Datalink.

After school, I met at different stores the nation over. For a graduation blessing, my dad disclosed to me that he would go on me on an outing anyplace on the planet. I, obviously, picked Switzerland where we visited all the historical centers and had some phenomenal industrial facility visits. Upon my return, I wound up arriving in Boston for a store that had a portion of my number one brands at the time like Breguet, Vacheron Constantin, IWC and Ulysse Nardin. This was during the 1990s, so the brands were somewhat unique at that point. This was another incredible opportunity to be in the business as the renaissance of mechanical watchmaking was truly beginning to take off. 

In the last part of the 1990s, I at that point accepted a position as the cross country agent for Chronoswiss. This was the point at which it was possessed by the originator Gerd Lang what himself’s identity was somewhat of a saint in the watch world and quite possibly the most learned chronograph authorities on the planet. Simultaneously, I was composing for a couple of watch magazines also. I would utilize an assumed name, however, so I could talk unreservedly, as I would not like to get pressure from brands I previously had associations with. It was a fabulous time.

After managing a ton of the large brands as of now, I felt the draw to build up my own store that represented considerable authority in the lesser-known brands. In 2000, Grenon’s of Newport was conceived. I’m continually conversing with new watchmakers, and I’m continually attempting to discover something that is new and fun! It brings me incredible delight when a prepared gatherer come in my store and says, “I’ve seen nothing like this before”

How has Grenon's of Newport been supporting the watch community?

We’ve been extremely included since the start, regardless of whether it be by supporting on the web watch gatherings almost immediately, talking with bloggers when they began, and, by and large, being here to instruct authorities from around the globe. I’m as yet a functioning gatherer of all watches from Swatch to Breguet and all the other things in the middle, and I’m glad to impart my experience to others. 

What watches do you convey that people ought to be focusing on the present moment?

I consider Alexander Shorokhoff sort of the otherworldly replacement to Alain Silberstein. His plans are truly one of a kind and fun, and the estimation of his pieces for what you get is difficult to beat. For something in the $1,500 to $4,500 territory, they truly are awesome. Presumably the best time look out there right now!

The other brand to watch out for is Pequignet. I depict them as the best brand no one has at any point known about. They have an astounding development that was created by three previous Gruebel Forsey engineers. This in-house development includes a 72-hour power hold, prompt day/date/month show with a free-sprung balance, and is delightfully wrapped up. Accessible in dressy to lively models that are generally under $9,000, it is again an incredible value.

What do you work in?

Unique, uncommon pieces. We don’t manage any of the mass-created brands. This isn’t a thump to those brands as they make some magnificent pieces, however our gatherers have just possessed those and need something else. Large numbers of the pieces we have here are the solitary ones in the United States. They don’t all need to be costly by the same token. Companies like Schaumburg Watch and Alexander Shorokhoff start at around $1,500 so we are pleased to have the option to offer something for a wide scope of gatherers. We as of late sold a Philippe Dufour Simplicity and a Louis Moinet Sideralis twofold tourbillon too, so we truly cover a wide reach. To have had the experience of selling $19 watches up to the absolute most costly watches on the planet has been an honor and a little glimpse of heaven. This experience is reflected in everything our store does as we need to assist our authorities with getting a charge out of the ride as well!

How could clients and those keen on buying a watch interface with you?

The most ideal path is through our site which has very nearly 3,000 watches recorded with incredible photographs, costs, and any remaining specs. Additionally, if individuals might want, they can reach me through my own email address. You’ll realize I’ve been doing this for some time when you see that it’s a similar email address I’ve had for right around 25 years now! Nicewatch@aol.com

Grenon’s of Newport

210 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840


Brent L. Mill operator Jewelers & Goldsmiths

Everybody has a creation story. What’s yours?

My grandma, Jeanne Miller, was a gemologist, individual, and collectible/watch seller in Arlington, Virginia. That prompted my father, Brent, joining the business, ultimately coming to Lancaster to go to Bowman Technical School to become a seat diamond setter and watchmaker. He at that point worked at Kay’s before him and my mother, Jo Miller, begun Brent L. Mill operator in April of 1980. They were custom gem dealers in midtown Lancaster until 2004, when the store moved out of Lancaster city. 

Brent died abruptly in mid 2006 (of a coronary episode). Jo had been running the store for quite a long while, and I got her together with the aim of aiding for a couple months.  At the time (and for the vast majority of our set of experiences) we were an adornments store with a Seiko case. I grew up wearing a Seiko, and I generally adored the brand. Naturally modest, I built up an energy for working with individuals and giving them a one of a kind encounter. I realized I needed to develop the store, and I thought conveying TAG Heuer would be a colossal initial step (I grew up yearning for a F1, at that point a Carrera Chronograph). So I called them to check whether they would come converse with us, but I immediately comprehended that the huge brands jumped at the chance to be around one another. Along these lines, getting the first would be a test. We gradually added gems marks and developed the store’s standing locally. We at long last extended the store and kept in contact with our new companions at TAG Heuer, Breitling, and Omega.

I chose to leave our store in 2009 to get some external experience. I moved to New York and began selling wedding bands (as an occasional worker) on the second floor of Tiffany and Co’s. leader store. I’ll always remember my first time seeing the Patek Philippe Salon – I thought, this resembles a yacht, and who the hellfire is Patek Philippe? What a guileless youthful watch aficionado I was.

I was recruited full time and immediately positioned in the best 25 in deals for Tiffany in the US. I was then offered a situation as the associate project lead on the fundamental floor (fine gems and furthermore managing the Patek salon, however that group ran like an amazing complication from Canton of Geneva). After a year in that job, I got a call from Breitling saying they were prepared to open (I had kept on pursueing that relationship from New York). So I composed an abdication letter and moved back to Lancaster. That was in late 2011. 

In 2014, we assembled and moved into another store that would better permit us to give our community the experience they deserve. 

How has Brent L. Mill operator Jewelers & Goldsmiths been supporting the watch community?

We give occasions to fans to accumulate and share their energy while communicating with exceptional brand encounters. We cook up the encounters as lovers and work with brands to make something special. 

These are a couple of our #1 occasions in the course of the last not many years:

Our yearly no restriction poker competition in 2011 (playing for watches – first prize is a Hamilton, and we likewise part with Montblanc merchandise and other swag).

In 2016, related to Breitling, we showed Basel oddities with a whiskey tasting highlighting Pappy Van Winkle 23-year (that 2-oz pour was offered as a blessing with purchase). 

In 2017, related to Hamilton USA and the National Watch and Clock Museum , we held Hamilton’s 120th birthday celebration in our store. We got out our cases and filled them with memorable pieces from Hamilton, NAWCC, and nearby gatherers and Hamilton historians. In participation, we had the specialist behind the first Pulsar and numerous workers and chiefs from Hamilton when they were based here in Lancaster, PA.

In 2018 we had a Grand Seiko watchmaker come in and amass and dismantle a Spring Drive development in our showroom. We tried to have unfathomable sushi and purpose so nobody went hungry. 

In 2019, we dispatched the Murph watch related to Hamilton by screening Interstellar at Zoetropolis, a nearby arthouse theater in midtown Lancaster.  

In October 2019, we dispatched Tudor and showed their Basel oddities alongside the remainder of the assortment with 80 visitors and a plunk down supper at the James Beard Award-selected Horse Inn (which turned out to be established the exact year as Tudor).

We are creating “Simple Saturdays” for the fall, where we will meet at Brent L. Mill operator from 9:00 to 10:00 AM, take a gander at watches, and afterward drive (in a troop of “Simple Cars,” including our E30 M3, to Copper Cup – across the road from Hamilton Clock Towers ) for espresso and stroll around the outside of the first Hamilton Factory – it’s an astonishing structure that has been changed over into condos. Then, we’ll head over to the Watch & Clock Museum, which is a pleasant 30-minute drive (on country roads of course).

And in conclusion, we generally have our vintage style shoe sparkle seat staffed and prepared to give you an outdated involvement with every one of our in-store events.

We perform community commitment too, namely:

We have put resources into hardware to perform full spotless and oils on numerous watches, vintage to modern. We utilize two watchmakers and complete quite a bit of our watch administration in-house.

As huge devotees of simple timekeeping and clocks we have seen on train station stages in Switzerland, we gave six lovely clocks to Amtrak Lancaster, the second most voyaged train station in PA.

A few years after we gave these timekeepers, we introduced another cutting edge development (nuclear by means of satellite) inside the 90-year-old clock tower at the highest point of the station. 

In 2018, we made a TAG Heuer-themed 1980s-style DTM accolade vehicle .

What watches do you convey that people ought to be focusing on the present moment?

Being in Lancaster, PA, we have consistently been huge Hamilton fans. They keep on praising their legacy with staggering new releases. We convey a profound stock and have solid assessments (in the event that you need to hear them) on the models accessible, explicitly the vintage-enlivened designs. The brand’s set of experiences is genuinely unrivaled, and the assertion a Hamilton makes on the wearer’s wrist is novel to the brand and something we truly discover to be exceptionally extraordinary. We are regarded to have an extraordinary relationship with the company, and we are a decent asset for restricted release models ( Murph/Intramatic/Chrono-Matic ).

We are likewise large fanatics of what Tudor is doing. The P01 was such a brave move. For a company however traditionalist as they may be to drop that watch when nobody was expecting anything of the sort says something about who they are. While Tudor has the ability to summon feeling in us, that passionate association we as a whole have with these watches addresses our enthusiasm as enthusiasts.  Whether we loved the P01 or not, the dispatch was absolutely a flex by Tudor, and one I appreciated definitely. Moreover, in the event that you haven’t took a stab at a Tudor on one of their texture lashes, you should change that.

Finally, Breitling.  Here’s the reason you ought to be paying attention:

In the most recent year, they have dispatched the Navitimer 806 re-version, the Navitimer Pan Am, TWA, and Swiss Air (go look at them – they’re mind blowing), the AVI ref. 765 1953 re-release, and the Top Time. The entirety of this notwithstanding dark looked at silver and dark peered toward blue dial 43mm Navitimers, which are shocking. The Navitimer is a valid pilot’s watch – a real device from a past age. The subtleties are reason assembled, and the watch dial is so bustling it really (as I would like to think) wears like a spotless dial. While these aren’t actually a mystery, they’re the trick of the trade in the business. Go attempt one on.

What do you spend significant time in?

We are ADs for Breitling, Grand Seiko, Hamilton, Montblanc, Omega, Seiko, Shinola, TAG Heuer, and Tudor. 

How might clients and those keen on buying a watch associate with you?

You can associate with us by means of text at 717-344-0931, email info@brentlmiller.com , telephone 717-344-0931, Instagram @brentlmiller , or visit with us on brentlmiller.com .

Brent L. Mill operator Jewelers & Goldsmiths

1610 Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601

(717) 569-5450

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