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Retailer Spotlight Scherer's Jewelers in Buffalo, NY, And Armstrong Rockwell In Hartford, CT

Retailer Spotlight Scherer’s Jewelers in Buffalo, NY, And Armstrong Rockwell In Hartford, CT

Few business people are passionate about accounting or garbage assortment, yet where’s there’s a need, there’s somebody to fill it. Watches are unique, in any case. People frequently get into the business out of sheer passion. That pattern has become clear in the reactions of the 30 retailers we’ve presently profiled. The two today are the same. I talked with Chris Scherer, a fifth-generation Scherer carrying the family light of Scherer’s Jewelers, and Alexis Armstrong, who is also part of the third generation of family workers at Armstrong Rockwell Watches & Fine Jewelry to discover what they’re doing to keep the business alive during troublesome times. 

Scherer's Jewelers in Buffalo, New York

Everybody has a creation story. What's yours?

The early days of Scherer’s Jewelers. Jerome Scherer is pictured. 

Scherer’s Jewelers was established by my great-great-grandfather Jerome A. Scherer in 1903. Preceding opening the store Jerome worked for Heintz Brothers Ring Company as a gem dealer and diamond setter yet always aspired to open his own store. In September of 1903, he did exactly that, and the business has been family-possessed and operated ever since. 

His child Hermigild went along with him in 1918 and brought his talents for mechanical things. He became the store’s watch and clockmaker. In addition to the fact that he was known for his abilities in the store, yet he was also called upon to administration and repair many of the pinnacle timekeepers that spotted the Buffalo horizon. In the early 1940’s Hermigild’s child, Jerome J. Scherer, Sr., who experienced childhood in the business, joined his father, proceeding with the father-to-child tradition. With a passion for fine watches and gems, Jerome, Sr. relocated the store in 1967 to its present location in Amherst, NY, which is a first-ring suburb of Buffalo.

In the 1970s, Jerome Sr’s. two children; Jerome J. Scherer, Jr. and Richard Scherer, Sr. gone along with him. Richard Sr., a graduate of the Bowman Technical School of Watchmaking and Jewelry Making, followed his great-grandfather’s strides, becoming the store’s master diamond setter and now current owner.  In 2014, after completing a formal education in architecture, I chose to bring my passion for plan and mechanics to the watch business and joined my father, marking the fifth generation of the family tradition at Scherer’s Jewelers. This one of a kind history makes us one of the most established ceaseless single-family-possessed organizations in New York State.  

How has Scherer's Jewelers been supporting the watch community?

A Bremont event with VIP clients.

Over the years, we have been authorized dealers for many brands, yet in the last ten or so years, we have been more centered around supporting both autonomous and more youthful watch brands. Our relationship with Oris, which began 20 years ago, has demonstrated what a pleasure it is to develop with a brand. These sorts of brands make us and our watch community feel like we are part of their family, not simply one more number in their spreadsheet.

We have discovered that the free brands allow for a more engaged and tailored client experience. They realize each market and everyone in the watch community has their own preferences and inclinations, and they will in general be more adaptable in what we get for a stock or a “center” assortment. This adaptability allows us to ceaselessly acquire new items that we know are tailored to our watch community’s preferences and interests. As a fair size market, Buffalo now and then doesn’t see all the brands you can discover in larger markets. We like to take on brands that may not necessarily be found in a market our size. About five years ago, we did this by acquiring NOMOS. Their remarkable styling, freedom, and German form have demonstrated to be a great fit with our customer. All the more as of late, we have taken on Bremont. In addition to the fact that they are autonomous as well, yet being based in the UK, they are one more example of fine watchmaking outside of traditional Swiss circles.

All of these brands are more than enthusiastic to help us in facilitating events for our local watch community. We were actually amidst planning a multi-brand watch event before the pandemic and are eagerly waiting to toss an epic watch bash when things are back to normal. Ultimately, we have become referred to over the course of the years as the go-to store when you need to speak to a knowledgeable watch enthusiast. Regardless of whether you want to purchase a watch, have your watch repaired, or simply talk watches, we give legit and clear answers. 

What watches do you carry that people ought to be paying attention to the present moment?

Tough question, as all the brands we partner with hold their own benefits worth paying nearer attention to. Oris, with whom we partnered in 2000, is starting to consider its to be acknowledgment as a strong competitor among the large Swiss names. Their proceeded with freedom has kept their values of building quality at a value steadfast. With a center range that addresses everything from culture to jumper, there is something at everybody’s style and cost point. Their Aquis Date Relief is my own daily wear.

Our freshest partnership with Bremont shows a brand that keeps on expanding on new force. With their new state of the art factory in Henley-on-Thames almost complete, I am eager to perceive what their next designing marvel will be. For anyone that likes historical and restricted watches, Bremont has a great track record of some interesting releases. Their Wright Flyer immediately gained a spot in my main three watch experiences. NOMOS is another brand that has gained a decent traction for accuracy quality outside of the Swiss scene, and if “In-House” assembles are important to you, these people set the bar high. From plan idea to hairspring manufacturing, they have it under one roof. 

What do you specialize in?

Scherer’s in-house watchmaker. 

We specialize in quality and genuineness. Throughout the previous 117 years, there has always been an individual from the Scherer family in the store. We treat everybody exactly the same, regardless of whether they need a battery for their reasonable watch, are starting out with their first mechanical watch, or are purchasing a special restricted version to add to their assortment. We’re really passionate about watches and keen on our clients. In this online world, we specialize in help and making our clients feel they are standing out enough to be noticed they merit when purchasing their watch. My father and I highly esteem being knowledgeable from our own passion for watchmaking to our proceeded with education, visiting manufactures and headquarters, and attending overall training and events. As well, we are associated with the absolute best watchmakers in the country and are able to support all brands of watches.

How could clients and those keen on purchasing a watch interface with you?

Chris and Rich Scherer. 

They can contact us at 716-839-4060 or email me at chris@scherersjewelers.com or my father rich@scherersjewelers.com .

We’re also on Instagram and Facebook .

Scherer’s Jewelers

4567 Main St
 Amherst, NY 14226 

(716) 839-4060

Armstrong Rockwell in Hartford, Connecticut

Everybody has a creation story. What's yours?

Although our entryways opened in 1977, Al Armstrong’s fascination with watches began at only five years old. He was skilled an Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch on a splendid red strap by his mom’s associate. It was a watch that could be seen on his wrist in photographs from his whole adolescence, a watch that lighted his passion, and a watch that he has to this day.

The watch that started it all. 

The store that was opened in 1977 appeared to be very unique than the current shop, with one major similarity: handcrafted extravagance products. From day one, the attention has been on putting a focus on what human resourcefulness can create, and celebrating that.

From there, as times and styles changed, Al was able to adapt and make his passion his business. He purchased used Rolex and Patek Philippe watches at local pawn shops and cleaned them up for resale. During that time, the Quartz Crisis threatened the mechanical watch industry, and Al concluded that he would prefer to sell one mechanical watch than ten quartz watches. Through his own advantage, he began to stock more special used watches from brands like Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, and Blancpain. The historical backdrop of these manufactures and the miniature mechanical miracles they created, and kept on delivering, completely captivated Al. At Armstrong Rockwell, clients would have the option to discover intriguing vintage wristwatches spanning all decades including the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and beyond.

Al Armstrong.

It was not well before Al became an authorized dealer for his first extravagance brand, Audemars Piguet. While as yet working with used watches, he required a spare part for an AP. Doing what he excels at, he got the telephone. Before the finish of the call, the sales representative had an appointment on the books to visit Hartford and open Armstrong Rockwell as an authorized dealer. After that, many other extravagance brands followed including Blancpain, IWC Schaffhausen, Jaquet Droz, Roger Dubuis, and many more. 

Given Al’s advantage in complicated watches, a portion of the world’s generally remarkable and special watches have passed through the entryways of Armstrong Rockwell. This incorporates everything from tourbillons to perpetual calendars to Grande Complications, and even a Blancpain 1735, which at the hour of sale was the most complicated wristwatch on earth and cost more than 1,000,000 dollars.

In 2014, after 38 years on Asylum Street, Armstrong Rockwell relocated to Trumbull Street, located in Hartford’s central business locale. The move brought the addition of brands like Omega, Armin Strom, Parmigiani Fleurier, and Carl F. Bucherer.

As of 2015, Armstrong Rockwell is completely family-possessed and operated, with three generations of Armstrongs sharing our passion for watches with the world. 

How has Armstrong Rockwell been supporting the watch community?

We have always felt that we are not simply retailers, and we don’t simply sell watches. Each one of us is an individual gatherer and enthusiast who has a veritable interest and appreciation for this industry. Early on, we associated with the watch community through discussions like Timezone. It was where individuals with an interest in watches could share information and ask questions. We have also held gatherer events, watchmaker events, and attended local watch meet-ups. In any case, perhaps the main way we uphold the watch community is the fact that we are always able to help and support any individual authority, customer, or other retailer. As far as we might be concerned, it is so important to always be a well disposed face with an open door.

What watches do you carry that people ought to be paying attention to this moment?

Each brand that we carry has been specially chosen for a particular reason. What is important to us is carrying items that celebrate innovation as well as tradition. While choosing a brand, we search for traditional Swiss completing procedures, intriguing calibers, utilization of outlandish materials, and, obviously, complications. A portion of the autonomous brands are really sparkling and putting out energizing pieces. There is some great stuff out there this moment! As of now, we love the Gravity Equal Force and Resonance Collection pieces from Armin Strom and the dazzling Tondagraphe from Parmigiani Fleurier. Everything from Carl F. Bucherer’s Peripheral models to the new in-house calibers from IWC Schaffhausen are all special, and we’re glad to address them. 

What do you specialize in?

Without an uncertainty, we specialize in mechanical extravagance watches. While you will discover a quartz watch or two in our cases, our specialty is educating our customers on the technical aspects and advantages of possessing a mechanical watch. We love to share the historical backdrop of the brands and our own accounts of assembling watch developments and visiting manufactures. 

Additionally, the whole staff has attended several brand trainings both domestically and in Switzerland and, as of recently, have been familiar faces at both the SIHH and Baselworld shows.

We love what we do, and the vast majority of all, we specialize in passing on that to our customers and getting individuals amped up for mechanical watches.

How could clients and those keen on purchasing a watch interface with you?

Clients can visit our site and reach us via email at info@ArmstrongRockwell.com as well as on our social media locales: Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter .

Armstrong Rockwell

150 Trumbull St.
 Hartford, CT 06103


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