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Retailer Spotlight Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers in Milwaukee, WI, and Right Time International Watch Center in Highlands Ranch, CO

Retailer Spotlight Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers in Milwaukee, WI, and Right Time International Watch Center in Highlands Ranch, CO

Today, we’re focusing on a century-in addition to old retailer that focuses on set up brands like Rolex and Tudor, just as a generally young retailer who has made it a mission to search out lesser-known watch brands and offer them in the US. Where there’s a market, there’s someone there to serve it. Peruse on to figure out how these two retailers are doing just that. 

Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Everyone has a creation story. What's yours?

We are a 121-year-old privately-owned company right now owned by Tom Dixon. Our origin was in 1899, when Charles Kasten formed an adornments store in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1936, Bill Schwanke (Tom’s distant uncle), a watchmaker, bought into the company to form Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers as far as we might be concerned today. Quick forward to 1984 – Tom’s dad Malcolm bought the leftover portions of the store from the Schwanke family subsequent to working there for over 30 years. At the point when Malcolm surprisingly passed in 1986, Tom found employment elsewhere as a purchaser at Marshall Fields to run, and in the end buy, the privately-run company. As of now, Tom, his better half Joanne, his son Charlie, and his sister Patty are effectively involved in the store’s operations.

The Schwanke-Kasten team.

We have had an exceptionally energizing and storied history along the way, from importing Rolex watches from Canada during the ’30s to providing the flatware set for the commissioning of the U.S.S. Wisconsin during the ’40s (and the recommissioning during the ’80s). We were also among the initial 10 authorized Breitling sellers in the United States. Over these 120 or more years, we have been a beneficiary of numerous prestigious honors, for example, Robert Shipley AGS grant, Diamonds International honors, Business of the Year, and more.

How has Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers been supporting the watch community?

We have an incredible liking for watches. For as long as 25 years, Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers has gone to Baselworld, reporting back to our staff and customers the latest things and deliveries in the watch world. We have had the joy of building a national brand among the aviation community by banding together with Breitling for as far back as 20 years at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI. More as of late, we have been dynamic with the local Redbar section in Milwaukee. This stunning group has been incredible at uniting the watch community here. Truth be told, they roused us to explore our most current watch accomplice, Grand Seiko!

We host a few watch occasions every year, from introducing the most recent line of Tudor watches announced at Baselworld to bringing an expert watchmaker from Grand Seiko to give a demonstration. Now, we are brainstorming how to make energizing virtual occasions for our clientele

Enthusiasts getting active with watches at an occasion held by Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers

Furthermore, our nationally recognized, non-commissioned outreach group has been instrumental in growing our essence among the watch community. Their abundance of knowledge comes from their experience and broad preparing from going to classes in Chicago, New York, and Switzerland, and it allows our customers to feel genuinely comfortable shopping for their timepieces.

Our exceptionally gifted watchmaker, Lars, and his studio are incredible resources. He will often give tours of his workshop to those who are intrigued when they stop in our store. Moreover, we are an Official Rolex Plaque store, implying that we can do restricted guarantee work on our customers’ Rolex watches, an assistance that they truly appreciate. 

What watches do you convey that folks should be focusing on the present moment?

Grand Seiko has certainly been becoming famous for the recent years, and we are excited to have started to address them the previous fall. The virtuoso of Spring Drive movements should never be overlooked. However, what is really exceptional is the sheer degree of craftsmanship and attention to detail utilized on each watch, particularly when they are a group of about 40 watchmakers producing the global supply!

What do you represent considerable authority in?

We have some expertise in Rolex watches and diamonds. In addition to Rolex, we are authorized sellers for Breitling, Tudor, and Grand Seiko.

How can customers and those keen on buying a watch connect with you?

As a 120 or more year-old gems store that has endure economic downturns, wars, and technological disruptions, we should be dynamic at our core. The current global pandemic has encouraged us to adjust and accept technology in better approaches to more readily support our customers and those keen on buying watches (or adornments). The content to-talk function on our site has been an extraordinary tool as we can acknowledge touchless installments and host video visits. This enables us to basically show watches. Additionally, we are now among the not many authorized Breitling eCommerce destinations. We showcase our full Grand Seiko inventory online. Calling and messaging are as yet both productive approaches to ask about watches, gems, or fix benefits as well.

It is ideal to check our site for our present hours of operation as we progress through this pandemic. However, you can call or text us at (414) 964-1242 or email info@schwanke.com . Much thanks to you, and we hope to see everyone on the other side of this. Stay safe and healthy! 

Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers

417 E. Silver Spring Drive

 Whitefish Bay, WI 53217


Perfect Time International Watch Center In Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Everyone has a creation story. What's yours?

I love our creation story since it addresses all that we trust America and the American Dream to be. My guardians are workers from the former Soviet Union – migrants are wonderful resources for our country, and my folks are proof of that. They have drive and an ache to take part and succeed. They came, as most outsiders of their time, with nothing. My father went to an exchange school Denver to become a watchmaker, and the rest is history! We opened our first location on an exceptionally bustling road in Denver. We added a second location in the ‘burbs almost 13 years ago. I love that we genuinely have a privately-run company. My folks, my brother, my sister, and I run the stores, along with our chosen family – our employees. Our team is unfathomably assorted, and we are a superior family and a superior business since we bring the most amazing aspect  all of our societies together. 

The group at Right Time International Watch Center making it happen. 

How has Right Time International Watch Center been supporting the watch community?

We have been focusing on supporting our watch loving community during this insane time by honoring our heroes. For the previous three weeks, we have done a drawing for #RightTimeHeroes. Our customers from the whole way across the world were encouraged to nominate their heroes, and we got so many motivating nominations that we went from a one-time attracting to a week after week drawing. Our heroes are pretty much as assorted as our store. We got nominations for postal workers, grocery distribution directors, doctors, medical attendants, paramedics, firemen, cover making neighbors, instructors, prison employees, and inspirational youngsters. We are as yet tolerating nominations. In the event that you have a hero in your life or community that rouses you, if it’s not too much trouble, send in a nomination with a photo to Monica@RightTime.com

What watches do you convey that folks should be focusing on this moment?

We love having a mixed blend of looks for our watch lovers to enjoy. We convey brands that aren’t average “enormous box” brands. Tutima Glashütte, Muhle-Glashütte, Grand Seiko, Corum, Perrelet, Ball, Graham, Reservoir, Oris, thus some more. My folks have been going to Basel for many years and enjoyed discovering “little” marks that weren’t yet in the states. We found Muhle-Glashütte, Nivrel, Zeitwinkel, and numerous other brands this way.

We have also had an awesome time with the growth of Grand Seiko. We have conveyed Seiko in our store since my father initially opened, and it has been so enjoyable to observe the evolution of the brand while being a piece of everything along the way. From Kinetic, to Astron, to Sring Drive, Prospex, and Grand Seiko, it has been a wonderful journey. We love how Seiko requests to watch devotees, both young and old. The brand has evolved similarly as our customers’ taste evolves as they grow their collections. Fantastic Seiko is so enjoyable to band together with. We love when the watchmakers come from Japan to do demonstrations in our store, the anticipation for new restricted editions, and simply enjoying the new developments in dials, cases, and movements. Grand Seiko touches on all that we watch lovers love about watches.

What do you have some expertise in?

We work in watch administration, and deals of both new and preowned watches. We earnestly love what we do. We love our customers and are energized when they come in to talk watches with us. We love tuning in to what our customers need and blending them with their ideal watch companions. We don’t allow them to leave the store with a watch except if they are IN LOVE with it! The relationships that we work with our customers throughout the year are praised with our yearly customer appreciation party: our Watch Affair . Our Watch Affair is consistently a fantastic gathering that our customers look forward to throughout the year long. We have another subject each year that typically lines up with our featuring image. A couple of models were an Italian supper for Uboat, a Watch Wonderland for Corum Bubble, a German Biergarden for Tutima Glashütte, and a Wild West subject for Ball watches. Our favorite year was our 10 years of Watch Affair Back to the Future themed celebration. We had old burger joint food, a DeLorean, and advanced amusement. It is actually so much fun!

How can customers and those keen on buying a watch connect with you?

We are accessible online (since 1997) and are also on Facebook and Instagram @RightTimeWatches .

We are also consistently an email away Monica@RightTime.com or accessible for a talk by phone 303-862-3900

Right Time International Watch Center

7110 East County Line Road

 Highlands Ranch, CO 80126


1485 South Colorado Boulevard

 Suite 125 (Ground Floor)

 Denver, CO 80222


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