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Retailer Spotlight TIVOL In Kansas City, MO, And Oster Jewelers In Denver, CO

Retailer Spotlight TIVOL In Kansas City, MO, And Oster Jewelers In Denver, CO

A design has become clear since this section was presented half a month back: Retailers around the country unobtrusively do undeniably more than basically move watches from maker to purchaser. Maybe it’s constantly been clear that they’re in excess of a channel to get the watches in the possession of customers, yet it’s these little accounts of genuine enthusiasm that keep springing up in this section that astound me. 

At Tivol, the watchmaker on staff has satisfied a long lasting fantasy about beginning a high horology name, and Tivol upheld the exertion by offering him a road for deals. At Oster, an extraordinary digital recording is coming to life, highlighting fabulous characters in the business. There’s a lot more to the condition than selling watches, and that is the thing that makes this present industry’s retailers incredible. They’re the foundation of the nearby watch community. To perceive any reason why, simply look at what these retailers in Missouri and Colorado are doing.

TIVOL in Kansas City, Missouri

Everybody has a creation story. What’s yours?

In 1910, ongoing migrant Charles Tivol opened a gem retailer in midtown Kansas City. His shop was unassuming, with a window sitting above the road. Roosted on a seat, he painstakingly created each piece of gems and set a norm for suffering workmanship and style.

Charles likewise gave over his tenacious enthusiasm for quality, and his child Harold started working in the store as a kid. Harold’s enthusiasm for quality may have been outperformed simply by his energy for fine gemstones. Following a long term stretch with the U.S. Armed force Air Corps during World War II, Harold learned at the Gemological Institute of America. He joined his dad’s business in 1946, bringing remarkable specialized information, yet additionally a business keen that would help make TIVOL iconic.

Under Harold’s initiative, a subsequent store was opened in 1951 on the Country Club Plaza. Before long, it was surpassing the midtown store, and the two later consolidated. The location has remained the equivalent since 1951, as TIVOL stays perhaps the most established occupant on the Country Club Plaza.

In expansion to procuring the trust of innumerable customers, Harold has likewise acquired numerous honors. In 1986, he was the main single storekeeper to be named to the National Jeweler Hall of Fame. In 1988, he was given the lofty Lifetime Achievement Award by Modern Jeweler. Furthermore, in 2003, TIVOL was perceived by the American Gem Society as top retail goldsmith of the year.

Under the initiative of Harold’s girl Cathy, TIVOL has kept on prospering. A subsequent area was opened in 1994 in Hawthorne Plaza in Johnson County, KS. Throughout the span of Cathy’s thirty years in the privately-owned company, she’s seen enormous change. However, the basic beliefs of TIVOL are steadfast. “In our business, it’s constantly been of vital significance to keep up the most elevated level of honesty with our customers and merchants. We address the most awesome aspect the best, and need our way of life to mirror that,” she says.

In 2010, TIVOL denoted its 100th year of activity. More grounded than at any other time, keeping up our custom of offering the world’s most excellent adornments and watches in an assortment of value ranges is still at the center of our main goal. In 2011, Cathy’s child, Hunter Tivol McGrath, joined the company as a sales rep at the Hawthorne Plaza area, making him the fourth era of the Tivol family to work for the company. Tracker presently fills in as the Vice President of TIVOL.

Four ages: Charles and Harold Tivol (right and left in left photograph); Cathy Tivol and Hunter Tivol McGrath (with Harold in right photo).

How has TIVOL been supporting the watch community?

Each year, we attempt and hold a Baselworld review with Rolex, Tudor, and Patek Philippe. For a significant number of our customers, it could be the solitary time they can see a portion of these pieces face to face. Being a fourth-age goldsmith, we have watch authorities that range those ages and are consistently anxious to perceive what is new.

A few years back, we facilitated the Rolex Deep Sea Exhibition at our two areas, introducing data and item in a gallery style. With a portion of our customers, we went to the Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition a couple of years prior in New York. We have facilitated our neighborhood RedBar section for meetups in our store, just as had watch fairs, just to give some examples events.

We have five watchmakers situated at our in-house fix focus, just as a devoted polisher. We are a Rolex plaque-level gem specialist and administration focus, the most elevated accomplishment that can be granted. We can administration and fix almost any watch, however regularly need to turn some down because of the high volume of fixes we take in.

Sham Agayev at the seat in the Tivol studio. 

What watches do you convey that people ought to be focusing on this moment?

As noted, TIVOL offers a curated assortment of Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Tudor watches. We are not keen on assisting customers with obtaining what is popular. We convey other awesome fine brands, for example, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Panerai, TAG Heuer, Baume & Mercier, and Shinola. It is imperative to the Tivol family to offer our community a wide scope of fine pieces that they would be pleased to claim themselves.

Our Watch Service Manager, Sham Agayev, has been with TIVOL since he emigrated from Azerbaijan when he was a young person. He has been prepared by the best brands to chip away at their pieces. As of late, he made his own microbrand, Agayev & Sons. With the assistance of his significant other and two children, his fantasy about making his own watch line has come valid. We sell these only at TIVOL and on our site .

What do you work in?

The open and good way Charles and Harold directed business in our initial years has become equivalent with the name Tivol. The connections we have with our customers transform them into our companions and even family. It has consistently been foremost to the Tivol family to proceed with these suffering qualities. We direct our business this way since it is the best activity and has been imperative to our success.

We see legitimate and moral dealings with the general population as perhaps the best assistance we can give to the community. We have a learned, tenured deals staff who secure our customers by offering a fair assessment on watches. We cooperate with the best watch brands on the planet and have a duty to address them to the most elevated degree.

How could clients and those keen on buying a watch interface with you?

We are presently under a nearby stay-at-home request and in this manner can’t welcome our companions and customers into our store. We are as yet open on our site . When we can get back to another ordinary, we will welcome everybody to come and visit us face to face at either our Country Club Plaza or Hawthorne Plaza location.

While we are legally committed with specific brands to just sell inside our market, we generally appreciate meeting new companions via telephone or through email too. We are as yet noting our telephones admirably well, and can be reached at 816-531-5800 for our Country Club Plaza area, or 913-345-0200 for our Hawthorne Plaza location. 

We are additionally consistently accessible to address questions through email. These can be coordinated to info@tivol.com.


220 Nichols Road 

Kansas City, MO 64112

(816) 531-5800


4721 W. 119th Street

Overland Park, KS 66209

(913) 345-0200

Oster Jewelers in Denver, Colorado

Everybody has a creation story. What’s yours?

Jewelry is unquestionably in my blood. My granddad was a producer of sleeve buttons and other adornments things, and my mom possessed a discount gems business in London, England, where I grew up. I would often assist in my mom’s business as a little fellow. A couple of years after the fact, I moved to America and at last to Aspen, Colorado. In Aspen, it didn’t take long to sort out that top of the line retail could be a decent chance for a youthful and certain salesperson.

I at last convinced the proprietor of a store that sold Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Patek Philippe, and others to take a risk on me. My enticing pitch was a proposal to work for no compensation for a very long time just to have the chance to substantiate myself. The proprietor couldn’t say no. I was in! I end up being significant and acquired a full-time position and a profession. I needed to learn however much I could about the item, the business, and what might reverberate with our customers. I immediately began to look all starry eyed at mechanical watches; maybe fixation is a superior word. This was the mid 1990s, and the mechanical watch renaissance was simply starting. Keep in mind, there was no internet at this point: Information was rare, which made my revelation of the historical backdrop of watchmaking all the seriously exciting. It resembled I had discovered the way in to the mysterious universe of horology.

I continued endeavoring to develop my insight – finding out about Breguet and the other incredible watchmakers who established the frameworks of current watchmaking. As my insight developed, so did my craving to bring myself nearer and nearer to the inventive spirits at the actual heart of the business. I started working with arising watchmakers like F.P. Journe, Daniel Roth, and Vianney Halter, also taking risks as one of the main retailers in the nation to sell new brands, for example, Parmigiani Fleurier, Franck Muller, Roger Dubuis, and Bell & Ross, among others. It was obvious to me that I appreciated the way toward teaching customers and giving that extremely significant extension between gifted specialists and customers anxious to investigate the world past the huge names of the mass extravagance world. 

Michel Parmigiani (left) with Jeremy Oster

I wanted to control my own fate and take on another test: opening my own store. In 2002, my significant other consented to cooperate with me in beginning a business: Oster Jewelers in Denver, Colorado. We had next to no money. So, our first test was to persuade watch and adornments brands to have confidence in us and cooperate with us. Amazingly, we had the option to open our store with the help of Audemars Piguet, Roger Dubuis, and Ulysse Nardin among others. We had extraordinary help from the gems side too. In spite of the upsetting occasions of the post 9/11 world, we had the option to cut out our own spot in the business and start a journey seeking out the best specialists in the industry.

Nearly 20 years after the fact our enthusiasm is more grounded than any time in recent memory. We live when horology is getting a charge out of unrivaled artistic liberty, specialized progression, and social attractive quality. Also, there is untold information resting at the fingertips of inquisitive authorities through quality sites, for example, HODINKEE which will additionally instruct and attract a continually developing base of horological lovers.

Jeremy and Melissa Oster

Oster Jewelers accepts the entirety of the showcasing channels, from Instagram and Facebook to the production of our own webcast, Keeping Time. The genuine differentiator, however, is the human association that I appreciate so a lot – sharing information and directing our clients, new and old, through a labyrinth of data and slicing through to recommend those we feel deserving of consideration. Our store especially addresses how we approach life: insignificant affectation, no formal outfits behind the counter, simply a certified craving to make our clients upbeat and to give the most real and legitimate support of the individuals who appreciate the characteristics that characterize independence. 

Mounted police before Oster Jewelers.

Oster Jewelers presently takes an interest in the plan and formation of watches. We presently cooperate with select remarkable watchmakers to make our own elite arrangement of watches. The latest is a unique version Gravity Equal Force by Armin Strom with a dazzling guilloché mainplate made by Kari Voutilainen. The watch is offered in a progression of 10 pieces. Likewise, we work with free dial-producer Josh Shapiro of Los Angeles to make elite pieces. As of late, we commissioned the production of a Blue Panda chronograph with Czapek & Cie, a progression of 18 pieces which is almost sold out. We made our store… Presently we are making the most of our job in the innovative interaction of planning watches. 

How has Oster Jewelers been supporting the watch community?

We invest a lot of energy teaching and working actually with our clients. At the point when a customer buys from Oster Jewelers, they acquire an arrangement and appreciation for the degree of care and individual craftsmanship that goes into each piece that we sell. Instruction is critical. We play our job genuinely, as a confided in counsel to watch authorities everywhere on the world just as a significant asset to growing aficionados beginning their journey. 

Jeremy and Julian Tornare, CEO of Zenith. 

Oster Jewelers has a Meetup bunch giving instruction and bits of knowledge to a consistently developing gathering. We have broad introductions of the new watches presented every year at the Swiss shows. We likewise have loads of fun facilitating occasions with our watch accomplices. We have been extremely quick to advance the watch community and consistently hope to assume a functioning part, from helping with the production of RedBar Denver to taking an interest habitually with different gatherings like Mile High Watches. 

Today, a solid spotlight is on my own commitment to the watch community – our webcast, Keeping Time . We have now recorded more than 50 scenes with stunning visitors going from CEOs of the main brands to autonomous watchmakers to columnists to those I find on Instagram who arouse my curiosity. The arrangement is a characteristic, unscripted discussion with fascinating visitors, driven by my interest to uncover certifiable knowledge into the universe of horology. I’m extraordinarily pleased with the work that we have done on Keeping Time, and it is very fulfilling to hear criticism and kind comments from everywhere the world, from Amsterdam to Australia and Japan to the UK and beyond. 

Additionally, we as of late cooperated with Zenith to give 10% of every Zenith watch bought from Oster Jewelers to Meals on Wheels. It is enormously significant right now to discover approaches to help those in need. We concocted the activity during a Live Instagram Q & A with Julien Tornare, Zenith CEO.

What watches do you convey that people ought to be focusing on this moment?

Armin Strom makes uncommon watches of one of a kind specialized quality. The new Gravity Equal Force accomplishes an uncommon combination of hitting visual allure with exemplary styling and a specific additional something. Establishing accomplice and specialized chief Claude Greisler is the imaginative ability driving this autonomous production from one solidarity to another. As I would like to think, this is a genuinely applicable watch that offers prevalent incentive for the present collector. 

Parmigiani Fleurier’s significance to the business is unchallenged and deserving of additional consideration. The gathering of companies made by Michel Parmigiani offers a degree of expertise and assembling capacity that is maybe unparalleled. There is a solid innovative energy radiating from the supervisory group. Activities dispatched during this COVID-19 emergency by Parmigiani uphold their retailers and the salesmen. Along with the amazing “Aiding Heroes” program, the genuine soul and compassion inside the company established by Michel Parmigiani are obvious to see. Driven by a genuinely skilled and humble noble man, Parmigiani Fleurier offers something exceptional, both all around. The brand is ready for progress. Look out for another, steel sports watch that is on the way!

Zenith, as I would see it, will arise firmly from the current circumstance. I would focus on Zenith just as the previously mentioned Armin Strom and Parmigiani Fleurier. They are generally maybe somewhat underestimated for their noteworthy assembling base and produce more modest amounts of watches, yet each has a surprisingly solid feeling of personality, esteem, and integrity.

Discerning better quality authorities may look towards watchmakers who combine nature of the most elevated level with unique plan and very low quantities of creation. This focuses to free watchmakers that we convey, for example, Grönefeld, Akrivia, Kari Voutilainen, and Czapek & Cie. Czapek & Cie offers an interesting allure because of the recorded association with Patek (before Philippe) and the entirely executed cases, dials, and developments. Czapek & Cie makes watches in association with the world’s driving craftsmen.

On the more reasonable side, NOMOS Glashütte has solid allure with an unmistakable plan ethos and noteworthy in-house fabricating along with outstanding quality and exceptionally competitive estimating. I’m additionally an aficionado of Bremont watches. An energizing British brand, Bremont requests to the individuals who favor strong watches with exemplary appeal. 

We love facilitating occasions with our numerous brands, giving our customers extraordinary freedoms to meet and talk with the originators and inventive powers behind the watches addressed at Oster Jewelers.

What do you represent considerable authority in?

We represent considerable authority in getting uncommon and attractive looks for our customers. Using information and associations sharpened over almost 30 years, we offer a great determination of extraordinary quality watches, in each classification and value range, to a demographic who appreciate the individual assistance, notoriety, and skill found at Oster Jewelers. As a free, multi-brand retailer, each part of our methodology is intended to control our clients in making their best decision. 

Jeremy with the Brothers Grönefeld of Grönefeld Watches. 

Whether our customers are searching for their first mechanical wristwatch or their first moment repeater, we have some expertise in making the interaction pleasant, instructive, and at last fulfilling. Our customers find select pieces at Oster Jewelers that are not accessible somewhere else. Moreover, uncommon associations with our image accomplices guarantee amazing customer admittance to pursued restricted releases. We deal with our clients. 

How could clients and those keen on buying a watch interface with you?

Direct email: jeremy@osterjewelers.com (don’t hesitate to request my immediate cell number). 

Instagram: @osterwatches (for gems visit: @osterjewelers )

Podcast: Keeping Time – Also on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and other webcast players.

Oster Jewelers

251 Steele Street
 Denver, CO 80206


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