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Seiko Recraft Series SSC667 & SSC669 Chronograph Watch Review

Seiko Recraft Series SSC667 & SSC669 Chronograph Watch Review

S eiko Recraft is an assortment of Japanese Seiko watches motivated by the brand’s own vintage models – with a touch of current style added to the blend. I’ve consistently enjoyed the assortment since I get the impression Seiko’s fashioners have a great opportunity approaching up with these watches, since they have a topic to work off of yet are for the most part free with regards to case sizes and will in general utilize splendid, animating tones. Seiko isn’t consistently “homaging” a specific watch, however aficionados of the brand’s more established watches will surely see where the Seiko Recraft configuration group is getting their motivation. In this audit I talk around two astounding and entirely reasonable Seiko Recraft Series watches with the reference SSC667 and the SSC669. These are a similar watch, save for various shading choices and the two of them have a retail cost under $400 USD.

Some of the most well known vintage Seiko watches are chronograph models from the 1960s and 1970s. Seiko was among three brands to present a programmed chronograph in 1969 and about 10 years after the fact was the main company to present a simple quartz chronograph development that was famous, however underway for longer than 10 years. I am alluding to the 7A28 development assortment and I expounded on a Seiko Sports 100 model with one of those developments here . Seiko doesn’t at present make a cutting edge simple to the 7A28 however they are essentially the solitary company today actually creating “meca-quartz” developments, which have chronograph frameworks like customary mechanical watches. Regardless, Seiko has a long history with quartz chronograph developments and I think they actually make for a great and dependable wearing experience today. That is particularly evident when blended in with solar charging technology.

Inside the Seiko SSC667 and SSC669 watches is the in-house Seiko type V175. It includes an hour long chronograph with a general second hand, an auxiliary seconds dial, a 24-hour pointer, and the date. Seiko cunningly planned the substance of the watches so the sub-dials are truth be told where light enters through the dial to arrive at the photovoltaic cell underneath, which charges the battery. These generally dark windows flicker somewhat in the light and here and there help me to remember the vibe of dark mother-of-pearl on the dial. It is an appealing look. Seiko additionally made a decent showing to de-underline the date by putting it on a dark shaded circle (which I believe was a smart thought). The hands and hour markers are painted with Seiko’s LumiBrite luminant.

As a watch darling I particularly acknowledge how much exertion Seiko obviously put into the dial plan of these Recraft Solar Chronograph watches. Profundity is made by having different layers just as applied hour markers. Around the dial is a raised rehaut with a minimalized tachymeter scale, the hands all have brilliant differentiation, and the chronograph sub-dials are marginally recessed. Seiko likewise didn’t add anything extra to the dials that would be simply beautifying. These are a lot of vintage device watch-enlivened in their allure and an absence of corrective components is essential for that. Note that this is rather than numerous other Seiko Recraft models, which particularly center around reproducing more creative dials from an earlier time. Utility watch sweethearts will like this very Seiko take on the Speedmaster aesthetic.

Seiko sets the watch with a level AR-covered mineral gem that offers practically no glare. This for me is the good to beat all and why the dial looks so great. A slanted, cleaned bezel prompts a brushed and cleaned (on the sides) tonneau-style steel case offered in one or the other dark for the SSC669 or normal steel with the SSC667. The case is straightforward yet pleasantly made, complete with contrast cleaning and a visual tasteful which causes it to feel slimmer than it is (about 12.5mm thick). The case is 43.5mm wide (water-impervious to 100m) and truly comfortable, matched with these beautiful Nylon NATO-style ties. This is really the principal Seiko watch I wore that went ahead a NATO-style lash. While the SSC667 and SSC669 are new models for 2018, they are reexamined variants of the already accessible Seiko Recraft SSC569 – which I don’t discover to be as engaging. It was a decent watch yet it seemed like Seiko was attempting to combine a vintage dashing chronograph with a dress watch, and I discovered the outcome to be somewhat off-kilter. These SSC667 and SSC669 models have various dials and ties, which have a significant effect in the world.

The Recraft Solar Chronograph SSC667 and SSC669 are distinctive just in shading, yet the SSC669 is $25 more costly in light of the IP-covered dark case. The dial on that model is dark with high-contrast white hands and hour markers. Orange looks great as the complement tone. The SSC667 has a characteristic steel case and metallic blue dial that has a slight gleam to it. Seiko ensures the hands fit the topic by making them dim, yet additionally made the best choice by making the hands and hour markers matte in surface, so as not to mirror light. Both are wonderful watches, as I would like to think, with the Recraft Solar Chronograph SSC669 in dark being somewhat more solid and manly, while the SSC667 is more current and energetic in its allure. Presently all we require is for authorities to come up for certain tacky names that give these Seiko Recraft watches a touch greater character with regards to terminology. Retail cost for the Seiko Recraft SSC667 is $350 USD and cost for the SSC667 is $375 USD seikousa.com

Necessary Data

>Brand: Seiko

>Model: Recraft Series Solar Chronograph references SSC667 and SSC669

>Price: $350 – $375 USD

>Size: 43.5mm wide, about 12.5mm thick, and about 51mm carry to-lug

>When commentator would by and by wear it: As a simple to appreciate every day wear or blender watch when style and a chronograph look are useful.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Budget-disapproved of watch darling searching for something economical that unmistakably has a great deal of plan exertion put into it. On the off chance that about $400 is the maximum you can spend on a watch, you could do a lot of more awful than these.

>Best normal for watch: Comfortable fit, popular plan, extraordinary readability, astounding form quality and tender loving care for the price.

>Worst normal for watch: Hands may be seen all in all too short, yet it isn’t a serious deal. I would have paid somewhat extra for a sapphire crystal.