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Sunday Rewind Changing Hearts And Minds With A Grey NATO

Believe it or not, I used to detest NATO lashes. The look, the material, the overabundance tie collapsed and got into a cumbersome wreck on your wrist – I didn’t get it. I adhered to cowhide, elastic, and steel arm bands until one photograph changed my whole situation on the modest NATO. In August 2011, HODINKEE posted the below photograph of a Patek Philippe 5960P on a dim NATO and I quickly requested one. 

While the first post puts almost the whole NATO pattern on impact, I was fixated on how the watch looked on that fundamental piece of nylon. As worn by one William Massena , this energetic platinum chronograph with a yearly schedule simply shakes on a dull dark NATO. While my first NATO went on somewhat more unassuming passage (a 2254 Seamaster and my adored Halios Tropik), I like the way a dim NATO appears to complement great watch plan without unequivocally underlining itself. I believe that it works just as well here on a Patek Philippe as it does on some other watch. This one wrist shot changed my preferences and lead me to an appreciation for NATOs that would advise both an angle regarding my own style and furthermore a portion of my work .

So read the post, check out the photograph , and possibly take a stab at something new (it doesn’t need to be a NATO, however I like my Sundays distinctly low-stakes). Hit the comments to tell me what you think about the combo as well and in the event that you’ve had your psyche changed by an opportune wrist shot. 

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