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Sunday Rewind Deciphering Dive Watches

Sunday Rewind Deciphering Dive Watches

The useful objective of a jump watch is basic: to keep you alive and breathing long enough to complete your plunge. Also, while most plunge watches deal with this assignment with minimal more than water opposition and a slipped by time bezel, some jump watches go a lot…deeper. From improved water obstruction for additional trying profundities to complicated bezels, dials, and capacities, not all plunge watches are as straightforward as the toolish works of art we as a whole know and love. 

For a fun and practical exercise in jumping and plunge watch markings, including both the common and the recondite, click over to this post by Jason Heaton from the spring of 2018. Plunge watches come in numerous shapes and sizes and this is an interesting glance at a portion of the more irregular articulations of the form. 

Click here to peruse “In-Depth: Deciphering Dive Watch Markings”

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