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Sunday Rewind Patek Philippe's Iconic Ad Campaign

Sunday Rewind Patek Philippe’s Iconic Ad Campaign

Every cut of the commercial item world has an advertisement mission or two that figures out how to rise above the two its unique market and, in the most extraordinary cases, the progression of time. By and large from a period before all things were computerized, the car world had VW’s “Lemon,” the early tech scene had Apple’s “Think Different” mission, and quick easygoing feasting constrained the inquiry “Where’s the meat!?” But shouldn’t something be said about watches? 

As celebrated as Rolex’s “On the off chance that you were doing X – you’d wear a Rolex” mission might be, it’s questionable that Patek Philippe takes the crown with their renowned advertisement arrangement that authored the saying “You never really own a Patek Philippe, you just take care of if for the following generation.” For an itemized take a gander at this well known mission and how it was created, make certain to look at this post that Stephen composed over four years back. From origination to the execution and the inevitable reaction from the market, it’s an altogether intriguing gander at the force of an extraordinary brand and how feelings play into the manner in which you might be contemplating your next watch purchase. 

Click here to peruse: “The Untold Story Of Watchmaking’s Most Iconic Advertising Campaign: The ‘Ages’ Campaign Of Patek Philippe.”

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