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Sunday Rewind The Incredible Story Of J.B. Champion, Jr.

J.B Champion, Jr. was a lawyer, a family man, and an over the top watch authority that had an uncommon penchant for Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin – to such an extent that he worked in a space where unique pieces were conceivable and had his name on the dial. Know the Clapton-owned Patek 2499 that was unloaded in 2012? Well, it was the second-best parcel at that deal as Christie’s likewise ended up having a one-of-one platinum 2458 that said “Made particularly for J.B. Champion” on the dial (among numerous different exemplifications). However, that is just a single piece of this intriguing story.


A wonderful man who would later be arraigned for extortion by a stupendous jury, his story, and his watches, are profiled in this amazing Historical Perspective written by in all honesty Eric Wind. It’s a miserable and complicated story that additionally ends up including some genuinely unimaginable watches.

Click here to peruse “Chronicled Perspectives: The True And Sad Story Of J.B. Champion, Jr., The Man Behind The Most Expensive Watch Without Complications Ever Sold At Auction”.

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