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Sunday Rewind Why Thin Is In

Sunday Rewind Why Thin Is In

While this three-section arrangement may zero in on the coming and prominence of staggeringly flimsy watches, it’s definitely not light perusing. The possibility of “super flimsy” watchmaking is one of astounding thickness as the term has become something of a catch-for purported slender watches, the specialized push for more slender developments, and a ton of marking inside the space (slim as it might be). 

Want to slice through the entirety of that fat and get to the smooth skinny center of the matter? Jack has you with this delicious triplet initially posted back in April of 2016. From the historical backdrop of ever-more slender developments to the push of style and the improvement of some exceptionally well known types, the push for more slender developments features watchmaking’s longstanding capacity to twist plan and designing towards effortlessness, refinement, and ever-more modest packaging. 

Click here to peruse: “Specialized Perspective: Ultra-Thin: What It Is, Why It Matters, And Who Does It Best (Part 1) – (Part 2) – (Part 3) “. 

Bring a Loupe An Omega Ref. 2383-4 30T2, A Cutting-Edge Plastic Watch From Tissot, And A Universal Genève Waterproof Ref. 20218-1
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