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Talking Watches With Daniel Dae Kim

Talking Watches With Daniel Dae Kim

Daniel Dae Kim is somebody who has been on our radar for a long while. You hear prattle around the watch world about popular and notable gatherers, and Daniel is one of those folks that simply keeps coming up on numerous occasions. Words like “energetic” and “excited” are frequently included and it was a genuine treat to at last plunk down with him after so long. It didn’t hurt that he truly brought the goods. 

You may perceive Daniel from his jobs as Jin-Soo Kwon in Lost, Chin Ho Kelly in Hawaii Five-0, or Major Ben Daimio in Hellboy, however he’s an accomplished maker and chief as well. He’s likewise a genuine watch fellow of the most noteworthy request. His energy for watches can be followed back to his dad (more on that in a moment) and he got his absolute first watch when he was in 2nd or 3rd grade. Experiencing childhood in suburbia of Philadelphia, that gold-shaded, dark dialed Seiko was very significant to him and it left an enduring impression. 

Today you’ll see that his assortment is quite different, including Seiko 5 models to symbols like the Royal Oak and Nautilus. Daniel is a firm adherent that watch gathering shouldn’t simply be a rich-fellow side interest – marvelous watches can be had at all value focuses and he gets similarly as amped up for an incredible G-Shock (which you can find out about in Volume 4 of The HODINKEE Magazine ) as he does about a “Major Eyes” Daytona. This scene is valid, exemplary watch fellow talk from start to finish.

This is your authority Talking Watches with Daniel Dae Kim. Enjoy.

Seiko 5 Sports Speed-Timer

Lots of authorities have tales about their dads and Daniel is the same. This Seiko Speed-Timer is similar model that his dad wore during his youth. It was initially a blessing from Daniel’s uncle and it was a significant blessing at that. His dad would jar the watch prior to resting every night to ensure the programmed development continued running while he was dozing. Recollections of this custom are Daniel’s first, and a portion of his generally striking, watch memories.

Amazing Seiko Hi-Beat GMT 36000

This Grand Seiko Hi-Beat GMT is a respect to that absolute first watch that Daniel’s dad got him each one of those years back. Specifically, Daniel adores the degree of craftsmanship you get with a Grand Seiko like this, and the way that the watch punches path over its weight class regarding cost and by and large worth. Something that separates this watch for Daniel is the means by which well it flies under the radar – no one is getting some information about it or bringing up it, however he realizes exactly how excellent it is. We canvassed this reference back in 2014 here .

Omega Speedmaster 'Ultraman' (The Original)

When Daniel began gathering all the more genuinely, this is one of the main watches he realized he expected to have. You can see a trace of motivation here from that Seiko his dad wore (chronograph, orange seconds hand, and so on), however it’s the association with the TV show Ultraman that truly did it for him. Growing up, Ultraman was one of the lone TV shows Daniel watched that included basically Asian entertainers and it had a gigantic effect on him. 

Omega Speedmaster 'Ultraman' (The Speedy Tuesday Edition)

When this Speedmaster “Ultraman” was delivered a year ago, Daniel couldn’t say whether he should get one. Was there any way it very well may be pretty much as cool as the first? Yet, he wound up jumping on it and the association with his youth actually makes it something he goes after regularly. It’s particularly cool to see this advanced re-translation one next to the other with the first, which gives some knowledge into what separates these pieces from your more conventional Speedmasters.

Rolex Datejust Ref. 16200

This was the principal “genuine” watch added to Daniel’s assortment. There’s a custom in Korean culture that several gets ready for marriage, the lady of the hour to-be’s family gives a watch to her life partner, and this is the watch they gave him. This was back in 1991, and two-tone watches were incredibly mainstream. One of Daniel’s companions advised him “Go for something pure …” and now 28 years after the fact he’s exceptionally glad that he paid attention to that counsel. As a result of the nostalgic worth, this is one of Daniel’s most valuable watches.

Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 1675 'Blueberry'

The “Blueberry” GMT is something of a Talking Watches legend. Our companion Keegan Allen shared a Blueberry on his scene, and it got many individuals consideration on the grounds that there’s a sure trace of secret encompassing these watches. Is it accurate to say that they were brought into the world with these bezels initially? Were these bezels added by Rolex sometime in the future? It is safe to say that they are fishier than that? Truth be told, we’re at this point to hear a 100% compelling case from any point, however our nature is that they are indeed a genuine wonder (you simply need to dodge the fakes out there, as usual). Daniel’s is an especially pleasant model and it’s one of his go-to every day wearers.

Rolex Daytona Ref. 6263 'Big Eyes'

One of Daniel’s number one things about this Daytona is that it doesn’t really say “Daytona” anyplace on it. That smidgen of secrecy causes the watch to feel somewhat more uncommon while as yet giving that exemplary Daytona look. This supposed “Enormous Eyes” form of the ref. 6263 is characterized by its bigger sub-dials, which adds that additional piece of “oomph” outwardly. There’s been something of a weapons contest these most recent couple of years with regards to strange Daytonas, however this watch stays a genuine specialist’s piece. On the off chance that you know, you know.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 3700/1A

We’ve shown up at the weighty hitters end of Daniel’s assortment. At the point when he originally got into watches, Daniel didn’t actually value the Nautilus. At the point when he thought exemplary Patek Philippe, he considered conventional dress watches and great complications. It was just later that he began to get into this exception. He prefers the ref. 3700 specifically due to its effortlessness and the way that the watch set the pace for the times of Nautilus watches that have come since.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Ref. 5402 A-Series

One thing prompted another, and from the Nautilus, Daniel inclined toward the Royal Oak next. Daniel portrays the Royal Oak and Nautilus as “companion pieces” and we can’t help but concur. In case you will claim one Royal Oak, the A-Series is the one to possess – and it fits in pleasantly with Daniel’s energy for returning to the start as well. This model shows a touch of mileage, yet is absolutely legitimate and looks incredible. This is exactly how we like to see ’em.

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