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Talking Watches With Naoya Hida

Talking Watches highlights watch fans, big names, and genuine gatherers getting along with the HODINKEE article group to, you got it, talk about watches. Today, we present to you the second scene from HODINKEE Japan, highlighting Naoya Hida. Prior to hopping into the universe of watches, Hida was dynamic as an expert modeler making unique cast models for garage kits. During the 1990s, Hida began his vocation in deals and promoting for watch brands including Eterna, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, and Breguet. He was additionally behind the dispatch of F.P. Journe and Ralph Lauren Watch & Jewelry in the Japanese market.


Virtually everybody in the Japanese watch industry knows Hida, and he at last dispatched his own image to make his optimal watches. We have included the brand’s presentation piece NH Type 1B (on HODINKEE Japan) and the current year’s shiny new NH Type 2A . I should concede, we anticipated a to some degree dress-driven assortment prior to meeting him, yet his own arrangement ended up being very different. We should investigate them.


Of all watches he brought to us, this was the absolute first piece he got. He appreciated the reality you could notice the inward system from the two sides, and he went through hours examining the components in real life and the development structure with a loupe when he initially got into the watch business. I’d say rarely for somebody to pick a watch with this degree of skeletonization as their first piece. Maybe his youth experience — opening up a skilled watch that quit working and falling adoration with the instrument — drove him to make this piece the principal watch he bought on his own.

Seiko x Giugiaro Design Speedmaster

The unique Seiko Giugiaro sits close to its re-release model on the left.

Giugiaro planned a few pieces for Seiko, and this one was presented in 1983. Hida originally saw this watch at a Giorgetto Giugiaro plan display held at his old neighborhood gallery in Kyoto, which included vehicles as well as family gadgets and even pasta! He couldn’t procure the watch at that point, however he would ultimately chance upon one by some coincidence and buy it at a sensible cost. He doesn’t feel too comfortable wearing the first vintage piece as a day by day driver, and he picked to wear the 2013 re-version model consistently instead.

Ebel 1911 Automatic

This watch remains as a cherished memory to Hida as he made his first visit to Switzerland for Ebel. The Frederic Piguet Cal. 951 programmed development runs this extremely slight piece. An intriguing and rather uncommon part of this watch is that while the whole case and arm band are made of treated steel, the crown is made of white gold. He was informed that gold, which is exceptionally erosion evidence, was utilized for the crown since it would be dealt with by the client the most. Such scrupulousness, just as the way that this sort of dynamic interaction in watchmaking moved through a huge association starting from the top, had an effect on Hida.

Vacheron Constantin Round Watch

Hida picked this vintage round-formed Vacheron Constantin for its hand-wound development and focus seconds arrangement. During the 1960s, the time this piece is from, the business thought the middle seconds was the eventual fate of watchmaking, and some even adjusted existing little seconds hand-twisting watches into a middle seconder. At exchange shows like Baselworld and SIHH, he kept a few watches from producers he worked with in his pockets and traded them out on his wrist as he strolled into every maker’s stall. This watch was one of those pieces, and he recollects the VIPs of VC commended his decision when they saw this vintage piece for the first time.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref. 2483

While he was addressing Breguet, his investigation into their greatest competitor, Patek Philippe, drove him to really fall head over heels in love for the competitor brand. While Ref. 2483 offers the dial design with the Ref. 96, the previous estimates 33mm across its case rather than 30mm on the last mentioned. The watch houses a hand-wound type 12-120 and highlights, as he would see it, an even dial design. His beliefs for his own watchmaking — like having the little seconds situated nearer to the border of the dial rather than the middle and utilizing an enormous development in a moderately little case — were cemented by this watch.


The watch Hida wore to the shooting was his first creation model, NH TYPE 1B, which appeared a year ago. This watch is an encapsulation of his involvement with the business and what he has gained from the watches he’s possessed. From the case size to the area of the little seconds dial, the watch is loaded with his plan reasoning. Look at our Hands-On article (in Japanese) of the piece for details.

All inclusive Genève Polerouter

There was a period Hida gathered a few watches outfitted with a miniature rotor, and an illustration of such pieces is this Universal Genève Polerouter. The producer commissioned Gérald Genta to plan a watch to commemorate the dispatch of Scandinavian Airlines’ non-stop departures from New York/Los Angeles to European objections. The watch included antimagnetic properties, which was uncommon back then.

Sample Sistem 51

The Sistem 51 remaining a profound impact on Hida when it appeared at Baselworld, and he bought this watch at Zurich air terminal on his approach to SIHH in the next year. What this watch brought to the table — like its completely computerized producing measure, long force hold notwithstanding the low cost, and decent timekeeping precision, to give some examples — made Hida, who’s been in the business for quite a long time, understand that watch fabricating was changing into another era.

MIH Watch

This piece was planned only for the gathering pledges exertion of the International Museum of Horology (Musée International d’Horlogerie). Ludwig Oechslin, at that point overseer of the historical center and a watchmaker, requested that mechanical fashioner Christian Gafner plan the watch. A free watchmaker Paul Gerber dealt with its profoundly adjusted development. Hida would chance upon somebody wearing this watch every so often, and he discover the greater part of them to be not kidding authorities. He considers this to be as such a mysterious handshake, an enrollment card to the club of watch fans. It is a fascinating discussion piece regardless of how you cut it.

The watch highlights day, month, and date show. The red spots on the privilege demonstrate AM/PM.

The case back shows the shrouded 30-minute register.

Ralph Lauren Slim Classic

Ralph Lauren, a profoundly thorough fashioner and a watch devotee, dispatched Ralph Lauren Watch & Jewelry Co. with the Richemont Group. The Slim Classic is a flimsy watch highlighting an assembling development RL430 by Piaget. This watch, with its guilloché dial and elaborate bezel plan, fills in as somewhat of a highlight piece for his outfit.

Ruler Seiko Hi-Beat

This King Seiko Hi-Beat is Hida’s latest obtaining. He turned into a devotee of Seiko’s plan from the 1970s, and he began to investigate King Seiko, what imparts the plan language to Grand Seiko, as the GS cost has risen extensively lately. He is partial to the one of a kind plan prompts with an immediate ancestry to present day Seiko and Grand Seiko.

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