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Talking Watches With Reza Ali Rashidian

Talking Watches With Reza Ali Rashidian

Reza Ali Rashidian is the best jump watch gatherer on the planet. Full stop. His name probably won’t ring out like Pucci’s does in the realm of Daytona, or Goldberger’s in, indeed, everything, except he’s surprisingly genuine. He’s so genuine, indeed that he, alongside Mr. Goldberger himself, delivered the stunning book A Journey Into The Deep, which takes a gander at the main Rolex plunge watches ( accessible online in the HODINKEE Shop ) ever. It is a staple of any genuine Rolex or jump watch gatherers library – yet what most don’t know is that Reza claims each and every watch in that book. Every one of the 132 pages of it.

Reza is surely a top-level gatherer, and more than that, he’s one hell of a pleasant person. He additionally makes a few focuses concerning why he’s so enchanted with the profound jumpers versus the other Rolex sports looks out there that I’ve not heard previously. Generally speaking, it’s a captivating assortment. I’m excited to be here today to show you the authority HODINKEE Talking Watches with Reza Ali Rashidian. 

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Given To Him At Age 13

This little size Rolex Datejust with gold bezel and crown was Reza’s first acceptable watch.

Everyone begins somewhere, and Reza began in a very decent spot. This little measured Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust with gold bezel and hands was his absolute first great watch, given to him by his late dad when he was 13 years of age. He wore it every day until his wrists grew out of the minute size. Thinking about the remainder of the assortment, it just bodes well that Reza began with a Rolex.

Rolex Deepsea Special Number 1

Why beat around the shrub, correct? How about we get directly into the genuine stuff. Reza claims a Rolex Deepsea Special, a trial jumper made by Rolex at the actual beginning of the undersea investigation blast. Likewise, his is number 1. Indeed, this is the absolute first Rolex super jumper. All things considered, it might even be the absolute first Rolex Oyster plunge watch – dispatching the exact year as the soonest creation jump watches. While it’s not the watch that accompanied the young men on the Bathyscaphe Trieste to the Mariana Trench – that is number 3, and it sits in the Smithsonian – there is a great deal to cherish here. 

Reza purchased this watch 14 years back in the November 2005 Christie’s deal. He paid 322,400 CHF . Up until that second, Reza had been gathering a wide range of Rolex – vintage and new, all models – and as he says, claiming a watch like this brings a whole “climate framework” with it. Also, it was here that he started to gather the main Rolex plunge watch assortment on the planet. As an aside, to every one of the individuals who said a Rolex instrument watch should not be being made in steel and yellow gold simply this March ? Better believe it, bodes well, doesn’t it. 

Rolex Sea-Dweller Ref. 1665 Single Red, Patent-Pending, With Valve

The Single Red is the soonest reference of expert jump watches from Rolex.

When inquired as to why he is so pulled in to the Sea-Dweller, rather than the GMT, Daytona, or even the Submariner, his answer is straightforward and sensible. He is attracted to the most extraordinary adaptation of anything (for quite a long time, he was a competition vintage racer) and to him, the Sea-Dweller is only that: a competition, or execution grade apparatus. The Daytona, he says, was worn by individuals uninvolved; the GMT by the jetset or by working pilots (for certain exemptions). However, the Sea-Dweller was just worn by individuals with an exceptionally clear reason. It is, from numerous points of view, the most perfect articulation of Rolex watchmaking in light of the fact that no compromises are made. 

The next four watches are viewed as pre-creation Sea-Dwellers. This one here is an exceptionally uncommon “Single-Red” Sea-Dweller that includes a case that peruses “Patent Pending,” demonstrating Rolex’s patent for the helium get away from valve had not at this point been allowed. This model above has a helium get away from valve in the mid-case, yet he likewise possesses a Single Red without a HEV. Pretty damn cool.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Ref. 1665 Double Red MK 0, Patent-Pending, With Valve

This watch came following the amazingly uncommon Single Red watches, of which not exactly twelve are known. They highlight a similar case style however now have “Ocean Dweller Submariner” composed on the dial – in this way the “Twofold Red.” These dials have text that regularly turn pink with time, while the case actually peruses “Patent Pending.” These watches were circulated to commercial jumpers for testing and not offered to the general public. 

Rolex Sea-Dweller Ref. 1665 Double Red MK 1, Patent-Pending, With Valve

We are currently into MK 1 domain of the Sea-Dweller, yet patent pending. This specific model is one that has twofold red composing that has blurred to pink. It has a helium get away from valve, yet watches in a comparative reach, however rarely seen, may highlight cases without. This one has a beautiful blurred bezel, too.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Ref. 1665 Double Red MK 2, Patent-Pending, With Valve

The MK2 patent forthcoming Sea-Dweller addresses the last emphasis of pre-creation looks for the line. While we’ve zeroed in totally on them up until this point, patent-forthcoming Sea-Dwellers are all adequately models and address an extremely cool piece of the historical backdrop of Rolex. 

Rolex Sea-Dweller Double Red MK 4 For JANUS IV

While Reza has each emphasis of the later, creation style Sea-Dwellers, this one is exceptionally uncommon. It was worn by a British-conceived, French-talking previous Green Beret who took the watch on a few JANUS preliminaries – a progression of trial, untamed ocean, profound makes a plunge combination with COMEX and French naval force. These well used watches are “sacred goals” to plunge authorities and it required a very long time for Reza to discover one in legitimate condition. His is strikingly genuine and the glow and vibes of this specific watch are truly incredible. 

This specific watch was given to its proprietor to celebrate effectively jumping to 460m top to bottom – an endeavor at the world record at that point. The engraving on the caseback is so light, however so wonderful.

Rolex Submariner 5513 For Comex

The uncommon reference 5514 COMEX might be the thing many are pursuing, yet Reza accepts there is an extraordinary thing about the essential stock 5513 with COMEX dial. The more slender cases, the retro-fitted dials, and the extremely basic certainty that this was an uncommon conveyance variant of a genuinely ordinary watch, make this appealing. 

Rolex Military Submariner Ref. 5513 For The Iranian Military

You all know the account of the MilSub – the fixed spring bars, completely graduated bezel markings, blades hands and so forth. Reza’s 5513 MilSub is something different however, having been given to the Iranian military. 

Reza himself hails from Iran – he presently lives in Europe –  but this uncommon issue watch is the thing that you’ll discover on his wrist most days. For those that appreciate things that require a more intensive look, this is probably just about as intriguing as you will discover. To many, it’s simply a Submariner. To a more modest few, it’s a MilSub. To practically nobody – aside from you here now, you’ll know it’s an Iranian MilSub. So cool.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Ref. 16600 'Sommozzatori'

This is a slick one, and addresses one of the absolute last occasions Rolex would stamp the dial of one of its looks for anybody outside the company. Obviously, Rolex and Italy have an uncommon association, and this later reference 16600 for the jump unit of the Italian powers is really superb. Likewise, how fun is it to say, “Ocean Dweller Sommozzatori”? 

Further Reading/Watching

You may have missed it, however Reza was really a visitor at our H10 festivities last December and gave a magnificent chat on jump watches. You can watch it here . Moreover, as referenced, it is Reza’s assortment that is included uniquely in this awesome book on the historical backdrop of Rolex jump watches . It was delivered by Mr. Goldberger himself, and I can’t recommend it enough. 

Oh, and need more on the Sea-Dweller? Examine our reference focuses on the lord of plunge watches from two years back .

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