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Just Because H. Moser Made A Tourbillon Minute Repeater With No Hands

The Grey NATO Episode 100: Hang Out With Us In NYC!

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Looks like we made it! Indeed, to scene 100, at any rate. To commend hitting the 100-scene achievement, Jason and James have chosen to get themselves a more limited show as the folks return a brief glance to the beginning of The Gray NATO. After the concise review, don’t miss the presentation of another Q&A design for future scenes and fundamental subtleties for the genuine Episode 100 occasion – a home base with Jason and James (alongside others from the HODINKEE group) in NYC next month. 

Where everything started. James and Jason at Baselworld 2014 (expresses gratitude toward Mike!)

That’s correct: Cross off the night of March 18 on your schedule as the TGN young men have a scene and would adore it in the event that you could make a trip and make proper acquaintance. More subtleties to follow so remain tuned to TGN and HODINKEE for an authority RSVP in the coming weeks. 

Finally, Jason and James need your inquiries for a re-vamped Q&A section in future scenes. For the new Q&A, kindly utilize the voice reminder application on your telephone to record your inquiry (alongside the standard name and area) and email the account to thegreynato@gmail.com. The young men are energized for the arrival of Q&A and can hardly wait to get with you and answer your inquiries “live.” Just press play for the entirety of the subtleties, and thanks such a huge amount for tuning in the course of the last 100 episodes. 

Show Notes


The First Episode of TGN


Our interviews: 

  • Cory Richards
  • “Nims” Purja
  • Rolf Studer
  • Paul Scurfield


Scene 66


The new Q&A design (record your inquiry with the voice update application on your telephone and email it to thegreynato@gmail.com). 


Gold From The Deep – The Salvage Of The Century 


Stalin’s Gold


The Intelligence Coup Of The Century


The Conversation

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