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The Grey NATO Episode 121: Proteus, Dive Watches, and Fried Chicken With Fabien Cousteau

The Grey NATO Episode 121: Proteus, Dive Watches, and Fried Chicken With Fabien Cousteau

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Get your red cap and your Aqualung! This isn’t a drill, individuals, we have Fabien Cousteau on the show! In this extra-long visit, Jason reconnects with Fabien to talk everything under-the-ocean. From his most recent task Proteus to exemplary undersea territories and water-controlled watches, we even find out about how a birthday demand for seared chicken wound up beginning this current Cousteau’s productive profession under the water. 

A rendering of Proteus, a cutting edge undersea living space and exploration platform. 

Before we plunge into the meeting (sorry, needed to), Jason and James talk about Jason’s first time watching Predator, one of James’ most Vancouver-themed watches, watch-themed shirts, and the mechanical issue that saw Jason’s exemplary Land Rover taking a trailer to the shop. 

Stay in the blend for Jason’s Cousteau-fitting last notes and James’ ramblings about the most recent supercar from the man that made the F1. An enormous thank you to Fabien Cousteau for being on the show and to you for listening! 

Show Notes…


Shane Black’s “The Predator”


Arnold Schwarzenegger on Reddit


Jason’s “Safarnie” survey


Halios Roldorf LE Seaforth


Roldorf & Co “Red Sub” T-Shirt


Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical


Mission 31




“Legends of the Deep” (TV arrangement with Jean-Michel, Fabien, and Céline Cousteau)


Jake’s Rolex Blog article about Cousteau family watches


Fabien on Instagram


” World Without Sun ” 


Gordon Murray on The Collecting Cars Podcast with Chris Harris


Henry Catchpole’s Carfection video with Gordon Murray

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