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The Value Proposition The Doxa Sub 200 Professional

Of the entirety of the watches to hit the market over the previous year or somewhere in the vicinity, none has brought about me getting more messages, comments, and DMs than the Doxa Sub 200. It’s another passage level model from the fun-adoring and undervalued Swiss plunge watch company that is effectively most popular for the out of control and particular pad case plans set up by their exemplary Sub 300 of every 1967. With the funk dialed some place towards a more standard volume, the Sub 200’s plan associates with the mid ’60s and the brand’s days prior to the Sub 300 was the apparatus of decision for any semblance of Jacques Cousteau, Dirk Pitt, and Joseph Turner.

So right away, here it is: The sub-$1,000 Doxa jumper that blends exemplary plunge watch styling with a sample of Doxa’s genuinely vivid character. For the individuals who haven’t had the item page bookmarked since it was dispatched, the Sub 200 is 42mm wide with a steel case, strong steel caseback, and bubble-domed sapphire gem adding to a 14mm thickness. Carry to haul is 45mm, the drag width is 19mm (boo), and it is offered on either a steel “dabs of rice” style wristband or a shading coordinated elastic tie. Water-impervious to 200 meters with a marked screw-down crown, as most Doxas, the Sub 200 comes in your decision of a few colors. 

Doxa has explicit names for their dial tones, including “Sharkhunter” (dark), “Searambler” (silver), “Caribbean” (mid-tone blue), “Divingstar” (yellow), “Greenish blue” (turquoise), and what is ostensibly their unique tone, “Proficient” (orange). In contrast to a significant number of the brand’s most famous models, which include a steel twin-scale “no deco” bezel, the Sub 200 uses a dark bezel embed with shading coordinated markings. While the orange shading of the Sub 200 is a lot not the same as the orange shading I’ve encountered on other Professional Doxa models (more on that in a second), the dial and the bezel tones are pleasantly coordinated (which can’t be too simple to do). 

Like some (impressively) more costly Doxa models, the Sub 200 is fueled by an ETA 2824-2 Swiss programmed development. Being the known amount for Swiss off-the-rack developments, the ETA 2824-2 is becoming less and more uncommon at this value point and, given that I have zero complaints about their utilization of the 2824 in both of my Sub 300 50th Anniversary models, I am glad to see a similar solid, precise, and effectively overhauled development in a substantially more moderate model. The vast majority of you who know the sub-$1,000 space can validate that while a 2824 isn’t incredible, it is becoming substantially more uncommon as competition from Miyota and Sellita has entered the market. 

Along with its appealing estimating and valuing, the Sub 200 feels like an appropriately made jump watch – toolish and even somewhat thick, yet kind of in a way that helps me to remember more established Omega jumpers like the 2254 Seamaster. The bezel is pleasantly sprung with a clicky activity coordinated by sharp serrations for a positive hold. Fitted with a dark sapphire bezel embed, Doxa says that the bezel scale on the Sub 200 has been treated with Super-LumiNova to coordinate the hands and markers. All things considered, on the off chance that you investigate the above picture, you’ll see what I saw: no lume. I got some information about this, and they educated me that this press test was fitted with a pre-creation non-brilliant bezel. They likewise guaranteed me that each one of those being sold have an iridescent bezel embed, and a snappy Google picture search does to be sure show true conveyances with the right bezel. 

For the lume that is accessible for me to audit, similar to both of my Sub 300s, the treatment is neither particularly splendid nor throughout the entire that enduring. Given the bigger radiant sections of the Sub 200 plan, I had expected more gleam. It is not necessarily the case that the lume is awful, however it is a totally easygoing application and surely wouldn’t stay aware of iridescent hefty hitters like, for instance, most jump watches from Seiko. 

Lume in any case, neatness is superb, with dark hands over a profound orange dial set with huge applied iridescent markers. Moreover, the straightforward however pleasantly executed date show at three is utilitarian and simple to peruse, and it does little to agitate the general plan. While I discover the utilization of white-metal encompasses on the markers and dark metal for the hands to some degree crisscrossed, this present reality effect of this Sub 200 is to a great extent communicated by its orange dial. Compared beneath with that of the Sub 300 50th Anniversary, the Sub 200’s orange is substantially more calm, both as far as its force and the real shade of orange (which I may call “pumpkin” as opposed to “parkway traffic cone”). 

As an immense fanatic of the more brilliant and more punchy orange of the 50th Anniversary model, this more earthy colored ruddy shade set aside me some effort to acknowledge. On the off chance that you toss a great deal of light at it (say, with a major camera streak) it lights up a considerable amount, yet in everyday trudging about, it’s an unpretentious execution of what is commonly one of the more wild dial colors one can pick. Doxa being Doxa, on the off chance that you’re not inclination Professional, there are five different tones for you to pick from. 

Dial text is kept to a much-appreciated least, and the Sub 200 wears well and feels pleasantly adjusted on its included steel arm band. It wears more slender than I expected (a portion of that tallness is in the gem), and keeping in mind that the completing is more practical than whimsical, the lyre-style hauls and itemized case shape say a great deal at this value point. Besides, the arm band is comfortable, with strong end joins, strong dab place joins, four-position miniature change, a wetsuit expansion, and a basic overlap over security fasten. Given that the wristband just adds $40 to the expense of the Sub 200, it seems like an easy decision, regardless of whether you don’t plan to wear it on an arm band all that often. 

As a bundle, while it comes up short on the out of control crackpot appeal of the Doxa s I’ve since a long time ago known and cherished, the Sub 200 is a truly strong contribution. As an augmentation of Doxa into a lower value point, I figure they’ve worked effectively. It’s not great, yet when you factor for $990 on the steel wristband, it is great. The individuals who need really inconspicuous can pick the Sharkhunter or the Searambler, while those searching for something a touch more fun should investigate the splendid and striking Divingstar or Aquamarine colorways. 

Competition could without much of a stretch be another 1,000 words as we aren’t actually short on approaches to spend around $1,000 on a steel vintage-roused plunge watch. With a watch this way, situating is significant, and not exclusively does the Sub 200 offer a passage highlight a brand that is all the more commonly known for watches that cost more like $2,000 ( or $70,000 ), it’s likewise sitting at a value point that offers a venturing stone between the default decisions, the SKXs and SRPs, and more raised alternatives from Oris, Longines, Rado and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. At last, this is a realized brand venturing into a value zone ($500-$1500) that has been overwhelmed with choices from much more modest brands like Halios, Farer, Baltic, Unimatic thus on. 

For $1,000 – with an ETA 2824-2, 200m water obstruction, a radiant sapphire bezel, and a size range that will engage many jump watch devotees – I think the expansion of a practical choice that says Doxa on the dial is altogether critical and that the Sub 200 punches hard for this fragment. While by and by I stay more than willing to pay the additional money for the unadulterated Doxa-ness of the Sub 300 (and comparative), the Sub 200 doesn’t feel at all weak or undeserving of the brand and its history. 

As a more easygoing articulation of the overall Doxa milieu, the Sub 200 is an attractive and all around made steel jump watch that wears pleasantly and sits at a worth centered and fan agreeable value point. You should simply pick a color. 

For more data, visit Doxa online. 

The Doxa Sub 200 is 42 x 15 x 45mm and is produced using tempered steel. The dial is offered in six distinct tones with coordinating radiant components on the encompassing sapphire bezel embed. Water opposition is evaluated to 200m, the crown screws down, and the watch comes with a tempered steel arm band or elastic lash. It is accessible now for $990. 

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