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Timex Marlin Watch Review

Timex Marlin Watch Review

I’ll be the first to concede that the possibility of a committed “dress watch” isn’t precisely something that offers to me. Truth be told, there are a lot of alternatives out there today that can serve a watch fan multiplely. Your normal Omega Speedmaster, for instance, can take on dress watch obligations while additionally filling in as an entirely able regular wear alternative. In any case, a year ago I saw somewhat of a move in the manner one specific brand began situating their deliveries and Timex  –the American brand that won our love during childhood –began alluring us with hot vintage re-delivers just as current takes on a portion of their more well known plans. The most amazing model is the brand’s first completely mechanical delivery since 1982, and it’s referred to just as the Timex Marlin. Part of the brand’s new Archive arrangement, the Timex Marlin reissue not just substantiated itself as a proficient dress watch, however as a modest, available watch with the capacity to pull in new and anxious watch devotees. All in all, I needed to pry it from my wife’s ninja-hold each day as the watch competed for similarly shared wrist time.

This may be somewhat of a stretch for a few, however I’m positive about accepting that 2018 will be a lovely huge year for Timex. Possibly it’s just me, however I locate their new deliveries like this Marlin reissue and the Todd Snyder Ms1 Maritime Sport models to be demonstrative of a brand that’s completely mindful of what frugal watch purchasers are keen on nowadays. They aren’t working through ’60s models at crazy costs yet all things being equal, taking advantage of their legacy in a way that’s comprehensive and available for watch fans that are into a vintage look and current development. Accordingly, I was glad to consolidate this watch into my pivot as somebody that doesn’t fundamentally need to spend much on a petite, traditionalist dress watch. Besides, if all you’re doing is hopping into a suit and slamming a wedding once like clockwork or something like that, you presumably don’t care about spending more than $200 on a straightforward dress watch like this Timex.


The instance of the Timex Marlin comes in at 34mm wide and about 10mm thick. Of course, 34mm may appear to be completely impossible for most folks in 2018 however I found the watch to look entirely sufficient on my 7-1/4 inch wrist, particularly when matching it with something like an easygoing jacket. All through this survey, you’ll additionally see the watch on my wife’s wrist, which is fun on the grounds that as it were, it makes the Timex Marlin reissue a sort of amazing “couple’s watch” –since it likewise filled in as a passage for her to find out about hand-wound mechanical watches, developments, and the duty that comes with possession and upkeep. I’m additionally very intrigued with how well the tall acrylic gem coordinates with the case and when seeing the watch at specific points, it nearly shows up as though there’s more precious stone than case.

The whole case is likewise completely cleaned, which I surmise is proper for a ’60s-style dress watch like the Timex Marlin. This can restrict the watch’s adaptability as it were however, I don’t figure most people would go after this Timex if they’re took off the entryway wearing a shirt and shorts. The hauls are penetrated for simple 18mm lash changes, water obstruction is 30m, and a straightforward, somewhat modest crown permits for… not exactly ideal activity. I just discovered it to be excessively little to truly take a few to get back some composure on and hand-winding was not as lovely as I had hoped.


The Timex Marlin’s most amazing characteristic is its dial, by a long shot. With essential ‘Timex’ text just shy of 12 o’clock and crazy adapted Arabics for the even hour markers, the watch simply feels like something you’d pull out Pop-Pop’s sock cabinet. The genuine treat to consider is the liberally brushed sunburst impact Timex accomplished with the hardened steel dial. On occasion, the impact is quite perceptible with champagne shading tones sparkling underneath the watch’s extremely fundamental handset. In certain cases, it can likewise show up very level and even dull. However, by and by, I wasn’t expecting a crazy measure of sight to behold out of the watch and I guess one could truly extol Timex for essentially making a precise coordinated diversion of the dials found on the first ’60s Timex Marlin models.


When airing out the crate and envisioning what sort of value you’d escape a $200 Timex hand-cranker, you don’t precisely anticipate much out of the lash. I don’t normally wear cowhide ties at all and when I do, I can be somewhat exacting about generally development. All things considered, the tie on the Timex Marlin reissue was fitting and, shockingly, very comfortable. I am anyway dicey about how well it will hold up over the long haul, as the nature of a portion of the sewing, particularly on the underside, seems sketchy, even rushed.

Still, the shiny dark reptile design is alluring and coordinates all other aspects of the Marlin’s look. As referenced previously, it’s 18mm in width, tightens a spot, and highlights a straightforward pin clasp with an engraved Timex logo. It’s likewise important that the lash is a little on the slender side. So if that’s an annoyance, you should think about some sort of 18mm substitution. I think a cool vintage-style lattice or Milanese-style wristband would really investigate and feel to more noteworthy heights.


When the Timex Marlin reissue was first delivered, probably the greatest secret encompassing the declaration was the hand-wound development and where Timex had sourced it from. For about a month it appeared, no one truly had any answers since Timex never indicated what the development was and all we got was the sticker on the watch that read “MOVT CHINA.” But, subsequent to arising out of the dark opening that is Reddit, I’ve found that a few clients imply that Timex really chose the Seagull ST6 with the programmed winding instrument eliminated . It’s an odd decision without a doubt however it lands the position done.

The Seagull ST6 is probably as unrefined and machine-made as a development can get. Fortunately, this watch has kept stunningly sufficient time and runs at around +10 seconds out of every day. It’s a 17 gem development with a nickel balance, no underlying stun assurance that I am aware of, and a working recurrence of 21,600bph. For a watch that I’d most likely draw out of the case a couple of times each year, this doesn’t truly trouble me. In any case, one needs to consider the amount of a licking this thing can take before it stops ticking –particularly since I can’t envision these developments cost in excess of a couple of bucks a piece.

Timex Marlin Reissue (34mm) Omega Speedmaster Professional 3570.50 (42mm)


Overall I think the Timex Marlin reissue will keep on being a mainstream model for the brand pushing ahead. It’s an essential, time-just dress watch with genuine vintage advance and a plan that nails the appearance of Timex’s brilliant years. Be that as it may, at $199 I think Timex has some genuine competition to consider, particularly from the as of late delivered Orient Bambino Small Seconds models, which come at a marginally greater expense. By the by, it’s energizing to see Timex try different things with discharges like this Marlin and I desire to see considerably more upgrades and cool vintage-propelled models sooner rather than later. timex.com

Necessary Data

>Brand: Timex

>Model: Marlin

>Price: $199 USD

>Size: 34mm

>Would analyst actually wear it: Yes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Someone that’s into the vintage look of a ’60s observe however isn’t essentially intrigued by the problem of filtering through eBay and gatherings for half-broken unique models.

>Best normal for watch: The unisex allure, flexibility, and reliable ’60s redesign.

>Worst normal for watch: Tiny crown is difficult to hold and the lash could highlight better development. Odd development choice.