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Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Watch Review

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Watch Review

T udor has been riding the legacy/vintage reissue train for almost 10 years. With the arrival of the Heritage Chronograph in 2010, and afterward two years after the fact with the first (ETA-Powered) Black Bay, we saw an emotional resurrection of a brand that for quite a while had lived in elder sibling Rolex’s shadow. Since that time Tudor has zeroed in a ton of energy on building up the Black Bay line; some may state to the shortage of different models in its inventory. In any case, there can be no contending that they have become apparatuses in the advanced extravagance watch scene. With the expansion of in-house COSC affirmed developments, the Black Bay moved into its own space – done showing up on paper as an obvious compromise making a course for purchasing a real Rolex. The 2018 Baselworld declarations presented to us the new Tudor Black Bay 58 , a “remastered” emphasis of the watch with completely various extents and another development intended to respect the incredible Tudor 7924 Oyster Prince Submariner delivered in 1958 – the watch that was a development to the 7922 which turned out in 1954 – Tudor’s first jump watch.


The greatest change from the first line of Black Bays to the new 58 is the size. We went from 41mm to 39mm, from ~14.8mm thick to ~12.01mm, and 22mm carries to 20mm. This outcomes in a watch that feels… right. I generally discovered the first Black Bays to be a little section favored unexpected breadths of cleaned steel on one or the other side of the case, though the Black Bay 58 embraces the wrist in a comfortable, proportionate way – in other words, the watch doesn’t feel tall or massive. The wrap across the wrist is likewise exceptionally pleasant with a carry to drag of 47.6mm. One thing that I believe merits bringing up, as I would like to think, is that the Black Bay 58’s new size feels like how I needed my past “normal” estimated Black Bays to feel: trim and unpretentious. I’m certain that there will keep on being a business opportunity for the two sizes, however on my 7″- ish wrist, the 58 is perfect.

Size contrast from the first regardless, the Black Bay 58 gets the full proportion of what Tudor has to bring to the table with regards to completing and embellishments. A fine cleaned miniature incline isolates the highest point of the case from the sides. The bezel has a pleasantly instituted edge that gives the perfect measure of hold for a turn. One thing that I have seen on the 58 is that the wristband end connect sits marginally lower than the hauls. While this doesn’t actually influence execution or comfort, it breaks the lines outwardly – simply a minor gripe.

As I referenced over, the bezel is a pleasant illustration of an instituted edge with an aluminum embed. The bezel has gold lettering suspended in a black field to complement the overlaid dial. One of my #1 highlights is the pip around early afternoon; it’s a raised and lumed spot laid out by a red triangle. This is one of the main key signs that gives the watch a substantial vintage inclining to my eyes, as it straightforwardly references the 7924 Submariner from Tudor’s past. Stretching carefully outward from the bezel over the matte black dial is a domed sapphire precious stone. Tudor’s worked really hard at saving the legacy allure of the boxed precious stone all through the Black Bay line and the 58 is no special case. It stands up from the bezel only a couple millimeters, barely to get the light on the wrist, yet insufficient to introduce a tangle risk while strolling through a door.

One last significant improvement in my eyes comes as a brushed steel crown, and the absence of or possibly relative contracting of the anodized aluminum crown tube present on different models. I have consistently discovered that detail to be an especially noisy blemish, and I am happy to see it remedied on the 58. Ideally, this plan is repeated in additional models from the Black Bay collection.


I’ve consistently imagined that the Black Bay group of watches dominated at basic, at this point profoundly utilitarian dial formats. Loads of cozy connections can be drawn both from Tudor’s past just as present day Rolex watches. Tudor utilized overlaid applied roundabout hour markers except for the twelve, where they utilized a conventional triangle marker and the 3/6/9, where there are applied bar markers. One thing that they’ve generally done well is applying a fragile clean to the markers themselves, giving the dial a brilliance that makes it a delight to look at.

The handset remained consistent with the remainder of the Black Bay line being blade and snowflake styled. They are liberally lumed and incredibly noticeable, differentiating against the matte black dial. This basic arrangement redacting a date and some other diverting components fits the device ish goals of the watch – while the gold accents advise you that this is as yet a watch you can take to dinner. 


The fundamental topic of this audit has been, basically, that this variant of the Black Bay is more modest, and I like that reality – this subject is conveyed onto the arm band. The brilliant Tudor fake bolted style arm band is measured down from its unique 22mm to a smooth 20mm that tightens to a 18mm catch. I’ve generally imagined that a significantly tightening wristband includes a component the wrist that I can truly appreciate.

The extents simply work over here, and the watch wears wonderfully thus. There’s not a ton to be said on Tudor’s wristbands separated from that they are made amazingly well. The fasten is a crease over securing style that is held by a ball detent framework. On the off chance that there was one negative to raise, it would be that with the advancement Tudor has placed into the flexible Pelagos catch; just as Rolex’s R&D into the Glidelock, an apparatus less changing fasten would be extremely welcome here.


At least between my hover of watch-pals, I feel like the story that created around the arrival of Tudor’s in-house developments is that ETA = flimsy while in-house = thick. All things considered, with the arrival of the MT5402 this issue has been settled. The Tudor Black Bay 58 checks in at just shy of 12mm thick, and this is to a great extent due to their new COSC ensured development. This isn’t just a retooling of the past MT5602, yet a totally different more modest development with a 70-hour power save, non-attractive equilibrium spring, and a free-sprung balance wheel. My encounters with the development have been only heavenly, keeping extraordinary time, and in the event that you take it off Friday night, it’ll actually be running for you Monday morning when you head once again into work.


When in the end, I think the Black Bay 58 is a decent bearing for Tudor to be moving in. With the callback to the Tudor 7924, the brand has worked really hard of regarding the legacy that the entire Black Bay line depended on. What my desire for the line is, that Tudor extends the 58 size into other shading plans and designs. Actually, I don’t adore overlaid looks for my wrist, so seeing a Black Bay 58 Blue or Red with the white content and silver accents would be exceptionally valued. All things considered, I think the Black Bay has consistently been an incredible section point for the blossoming authority to take the leap into better quality pieces. The expansion of the 58 simply gives them somewhat more assortment while doing as such. The Tudor Black Bay 58 is accessible for $3,575. tudorwatch.com

Necessary Data

Brand: Tudor

Model: Black Bay 58

Price: $3,575

Size: 39mm in diameter

Would analyst actually wear it: Yes, I found the size ideal for me.

Friend we’d recommend it to first: Someone hoping to break that $3k boundary into extravagance watches.

Best normal for watch: The slenderness of the new case.

Worst normal for watch: I loath overlaid dials and I couldn’t want anything more than to see some new colorways in this size.