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Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph 5500V Watch Review

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph 5500V Watch Review

In 2016,  Vacheron Constantin delivered a required revive of its solitary game watch assortment, the Overseas. This incorporated a large number of new individuals from the Overseas family going from a super slight two-hand model, an unending schedule, the Overseas Simple Date , and the Overseas Chronograph . These last two models each presented new, current developments which as I would see it were essential to the future accomplishment of what the Overseas assortment should mean for Vacheron Constantin. Today I invest more energy with the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph 5500V group of watches in my most recent aBlogtoWatch watch review.

I discovered the advanced Overseas Chronograph to be a fairly good watch with welcome highlights and a comfortable fit on the wrist. On paper, Vacheron Constantin offers pretty much everything enthusiasts of the active Overseas watch assortment appeared to need in a refreshed model. So, I discovered something ailing in the plan and in general introduction. With regards to value, character, and balance, I think the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph misses in a couple of such a large number of zones to be a really notorious watch. So, it is definitely a decent pick for a specific buyer.

I’ll start by talking about a portion of my more serious issues with the watch, and afterward continue to make reference to more minor criticizes beneath while likewise upholding the temperances that this watch definitely has. I will say again that Vacheron Constantin has in many manners redesigned the current Overseas watch assortment with another item that is positively more attractive in most ways.

Even at a retail cost hazardously near $30,000, the Overseas reach has some genuine competition from at any rate two different brands. Curiously, the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph is the center estimated choice among the competition’s extravagance sport chronograph watches. I don’t consistently talk about competitor watches to a piece I am checking on – and I have a ton of valid justifications for that. All things considered, in specific occasions, examining the competition is significant. This is especially evident when a watch isn’t simply an apparatus, however a true blue way of life piece. That implies being costly, and being renowned is a center piece of the possession experience of a Vacheron Constantin, or competitor brands, for example, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe.

It is those two brands explicitly which the Overseas is attempting to compete with. All the more explicitly the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and the Patek Philippe Nautilus. Both have chronograph forms just as three-hand variants, and both are not kidding examples of overcoming adversity among current extravagance sport watches. Competing with the Royal Oak or the Nautilus is an overwhelming, and extremely testing tough battle.

For a certain something, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe falsely limit appropriation. That implies the companies purposefully discharge less Royal Oak and Nautilus watches (the hot models that is) than the market requests. All the more in this way, the brands carefully limit what retailers get them (once more, with the most sultry models), and cautiously give out new watches to guarantee that they arrive at the end-shoppers they need wearing their items. With the Nautilus you need to stand by at any rate a couple of years to address retail cost (yet you can get it whenever online by paying a humble premium over retail), and a few forms of the Royal Oak aren’t too simple to even consider getting. In this manner, both Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe, in any event for their steel-cased extravagance sport watches, have had the option to evade industry patterns and really get retail costs for these timepieces.

One of the significant reasons why the Royal Oak and Nautilus do so well (outside of the way that they are intelligible and comfortable) is that they are quickly recognizable from a good ways. The explanation sounds basic, however it is significant. This implies that individuals who wear these watches realize that individuals seeing them from across the room (expecting they have watch-spotting insight) will promptly understand what watches they are, their cost, and preferably suspect that the proprietor is more wealthy than your normal Joe.

Thus, ostensibly the most significant part of the Royal Oak and Nautilus watches is that they are moderately solid indications of abundance, and that they are dependably perceived. This implies that any watch trying to sincerely compete with these titans of costly steel should be both unmistakable and simple to perceive, just as controlled enough in the market to get costs near (or over) the retail cost. Every one of these components is straightforwardly identified with the capacity of the watch to be a true extravagance object, just as a genuine articulation to the universe of being a perceived extravagance object.

How does the refreshed Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch admission in comparison? I won’t center around value versatility as the assortment is still all in all too new, and the whole business is confronting a dissemination and evaluating emergency. That would be a discussion for some other time. The short answer is that while I am certain different pieces of the world have somewhat varying costs for the Overseas, it is as yet a very good quality watch with a cost to coordinate. The inquiry is whether individuals remember it as such.

While Vacheron Constantin has been mindful so as to save the Overseas’ signature bezel and wristband plan, I’m not certain it is sufficient to point out the assortment outwardly from spectators. In any event in the west, the Overseas has been so uncommon in the wild (out in the open), I don’t know that enough individuals realize what to search for. Additionally, beside the arm band and bezel, which is more testing to spot than, for instance, that of a Royal Oak, the Vacheron Constantin Overseas doesn’t have an excessive amount of that is horrendously unmistakable. That implies those wearing it with the expectation of demonstrating it off, might think that its a lot harder to discover natural eyes than if they wore the competition. Obviously, it isn’t like Vacheron Constantin has promoted the Overseas in any considerable way – so a piece of this the truth is to be expected.

The past Overseas Chronograph

This is a decent an ideal opportunity to talk about the active age Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph, which was quite chomped more particular. It didn’t have a similar kind of production development, and it was a touch more straightforward generally yet the more squat case and simple to perceive arm band were ostensibly in a way that is better than the more up to date model. Returning to the case, the fresher Overseas is more tonneau-style fit as a fiddle, though the more established model wasn’t as “long,” which profited the look while the watch is being worn on the metal arm band. Accordingly, despite the fact that the more current Overseas is an update from multiple points of view, the new bigger Overseas Chronograph may have lost a touch of the visual magic that caused the assortment to have its particular charm.

In terms of size the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph 5500V family is 42.5mm wide (versus 42mm of the more seasoned age) and 13.7mm thick (versus 12.45mm of the more established age). The case is as yet water impervious to 150m and has a sapphire precious stone on the top and base. The additional thickness particularly makes for a somewhat enormous estimated extravagance sports watch. The three-hand Overseas Simple Date is effectively the better choice if case thickness is essential to you. On the off chance that you need an extravagance sports watch and need something rather huge, at that point the Overseas Chronograph is the correct choice for you. Given that I will in general partner these “high society” steel sports looks as being esteemed for their slim profile at that point, as I would see it, the thickness of the Overseas Chronograph makes for a cool looking watch, yet not an especially respectable inclination watch.

The coolest stunt that Vacheron Constantin encouraged the Overseas was the means by which to trade the arm band and strap. The Overseas presently comes with a device less tie evacuation framework, alongside three tie/wristband choices per watch. This incorporates the coordinating steel arm band, a crocodile lash, and a great elastic tie. Spoiler alert – I discovered the elastic tie to be both the most attractive and the most comfortable.

A little pusher, which can undoubtedly cut you if aren’t cautious, under every one of the drags permits you to eliminate the tie generally effectively once you get its hang. In spite of the fact that you can see that the joint where the tie and wristband associate with the hauls is minuscule. This implies not a great deal of the lash is really associated with the case. While I discovered the association highlight be secure, I have worries about how this framework would wear over the long haul. I’m not saying that it would create issues over the long run, yet I am stating that given the little association point, it is something that I would be concerned about.

The tightening steel arm band is adequately comfortable, however doesn’t feel like something you’d find on a watch of this family. The connections are considerably more straightforward in plan as compared to the past age Overseas, and the deployant fasten is similar to something you’d find on a watch at a small amount of the cost. From an ergonomic and development angle, there isn’t anything amiss with the wristband, yet once more, it seems like something you’d find on a watch at a simple division of the price.

At $30,000 I expect even the deployant on the arm band to be both fascinating and masterfully made. The arm band feels machine completed (I’m inexperienced with the real cleaning and completing strategy Vacheron Constantin utilizes), and there doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be anything hand-done about the wristband, or any piece of the watch’s outside. With regards to completing, an insightful eye will disagree with the outside of the Overseas Chronograph – particularly the bracelet.

For me an extravagance sports watch in steel is something that consistently has an excellent arm band choice. So to state that for me the Overseas Chronograph felt best off the arm band and on the lash kinda stings. I’m making an effort not to be horrible to Vacheron Constantin, but instead giving them a message that says “I realize you can improve, I need you to improve, so kindly do better.”

Years prior I complained about the plan and topic of the Vacheron Constantin Quai de L’Ile customized watch assortment , and inside about a year or two the brand ceased it (and nobody has referenced it from that point forward until the brand  brought the Quai de L’Ile back the manner in which it should have been without the tangled dial and personalization component). All the more in this way, the brand (at any rate the individuals who worked there at that point) entirely expressed gratitude toward me for compelling them to have a discussion about the watch’s issues inside – a discussion that prompted a beneficial company decision.

I realize Vacheron Constantin will be disturbed with this audit of the Overseas Chronograph since I get down on different things they are doing which could be improved. It presumably won’t happen to them that I went through around 20 hours of my life composing this survey, recording a video, and capturing the watch (also really wearing it and considering the big picture). Genuinely put resources into their items, they will in reality be naturally stung. There’s nothing left but to advise them that I do this since I like watches and I like brands that make great watches. At the point when a decent brand doesn’t make a watch that is comparable to I and others anticipate from them I need to advise them. At the point when no ones gives them input, no enhancements can actually be made. Vacheron Constantin, you make some unfathomably superb things so you’ve set the bar for yourself rather high. Presently own up to that high bar, and give the competition a genuine Overseas that can kic

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