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Vintage Watches A 1970s Cartier Santos-Dumont, A 1960s Heuer Autavia Retailed By Abercrombie & Fitch, And A 1960s Favre-Leuba Deep Blue

Vintage Watches A 1970s Cartier Santos-Dumont, A 1960s Heuer Autavia Retailed By Abercrombie & Fitch, And A 1960s Favre-Leuba Deep Blue

Some weeks, we hope to offer a determination of vintage watches that is centered around a reasonable topic, while different occasions, the thought is to run the range. Consider this week immovably the last methodology. From Rolex, Cartier, and Patek to Favre-Leuba and Movado, the determination is wide while remaining curated. Say your watch enclose is full – the gathering is a Heuer pocket watch chronograph, no compelling reason to occupy a space in the case; we as a whole have pockets somewhere.

1940s Heuer Single-Button Chronograph Pocket Watch

1970s Hamilton Chrono-Matic Fontainebleau Ref. 11001-3

1971 Rolex ‘Red’ Submariner Ref. 1680

1969 Movado Super Sub Sea Ref. 206-705-502 On Gay Frères Bracelet

1972 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date ‘Moderate size’ Ref. 6627 In 18K Rose Gold

1961 Patek Philippe Ref. 3410 ‘Amagnetic’ In 18k Yellow Gold

1945 Universal Genève Uni-Compax Ref. 224100

The vintage group has each picked a solitary watch to feature a smidgen more inside and out than what you will discover on the individual item pages. Peruse on for the chose watches, and for the rest, including the entirety of their set of experiences and subtleties, head over to the HODINKEE Shop now.

1970s Cartier Santos-Dumont With 'Paris' Dial

By Saori Omura

Cartier is without a doubt a commonly recognized name with regards to fine adornments. However, the brand has stood firm on an intriguing foothold with regards to watch plans. There are many watch plans via Cartier that have enchanted the world’s sovereignties, superstars, craftsmen, and other remarkable people from the beginning of time – the Tank, Panthère, and Santos to give some examples. Shockingly, the birthplace of the Santos goes right back to 1904. Alberto Santos-Dumont, an affluent Brazilian pilot, mentioned his companion Louis Cartier help him think up a more pragmatic watch that would free the two his hands when he was flying. In those days, obviously, pocket watches were de rigueur, and it was unwieldy to explore a plane and check the time utilizing a pocket watch. So Cartier thought of a hand craft, a creative idea of a wristwatch fitted in a smoothed out square case with screws holding down the bezel. At last, in 1911, what we know as the Santos turned out to be commercially accessible and stays one of the leader plans for Cartier to this day. 

The watch we have here is a lovely model from the 1970s, which extends the exemplary Santos-Dumont plan. It comes in 18k yellow gold with a cleaned finish on the bezel, which actually keeps up the screw-theme, giving proper respect to the first. Furthermore, the “Paris”- marked dial is exquisite and neat with a white surface and exemplary, striking, dark Roman numerals alongside a square railroad-style track, which is likewise seen on the other popular Tank watch plan. The sharp blued steel epée hands and the blue sapphire-set crown likewise draw out the conventional Cartier plan language. It comes with the first gold Cartier deployant catch, which is a decent touch. I particularly recommend this watch to any lady needing to separate herself from the more omnipresent Cartier plans and be as daring wearing this watch as Santos-Dumont used to be taking off in his planes over the skies of Paris. Head over to the Shop to take off in this model. 

1960s Heuer Autavia Ref. 2446C Retailed By Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

By Brandon Frazin

Before being in the watch world, the solitary thing I thought about Abercrombie & Fitch was the store in my neighborhood shopping center. I never believed that this brand would be so significant in my life after center school. Abercrombie & Fitch was the chief supplier for trackers and athletes back during the twentieth century. Once in a while, we come across a watch with this name on the dial, and without fail, it gets my heart dashing. It makes me think about the sort of individuals who might go into A&F and go on a shopping binge for an excursion. Toward the end, possibly they would acknowledge, “Hello, I need a watch as well.” Then, the sales rep would take them to the case, and they could choose something, similar to this ref. 2446C. Little would they realize that this watch could be considered so exceptional years after the fact. I can’t envision having the option to simply get one of these out of a showcase. 

The watch we have today is an Autavia ref. 2446C that is marked “Abercrombie & Fitch Co.” over the 12-hour sub-dial at six o’clock. This little detail truly separates it from other compressor-style Autavias. The actual watch is in general quite legit condition – I love to see watches that were really worn and cherished. This one has built up an enchanting patina all through and simply looks extraordinary. Help this A&F Autavia proceed with its excursion by making a beeline for the HODINKEE Shop today. 

1960s Favre-Leuba Deep Blue Ref. 59833

By Rich Fordon

A 1964 Favre-Leuba ad peruses just, “WATCH LEAKING?” in large intense letters at the top. Promoting the brand’s lead jump model, the Deep Blue, the advertisement closes with the assertion, “New FAVRE-LEUBA, The ‘Dark Blue’ watch for DIVERS!” Simple and direct, in any event, for publicizing principles in those days. Favre-Leuba knew its client. The Deep Blue was not planned or promoted to the work area jumper who purchased a watch with water opposition if there should arise an occurrence of a deviant sprinkle while hand-washing. The Deep Blue included in that advertisement, the ref. 59833 available to be purchased for this present week, is so intentionally planned that I need to dive somewhat more profound into why, as I would see it, it’s so special.

I have an incredible appreciation for objects that are planned as a matter of first importance for utility. I drove an International Harvester Scout 800 through school, the primary SUV. In the manner that the Scout was intended to roll over or through anything at an incredibly lethargic speed, this Favre-Leuba was made to be a jump companion to experts, not all that much and that’s it. The case is thick and generous, the bi-directional clicking bezel is beaded for simplicity of feel through gloves, and the lume is huge and intelligible. A brilliant type of shading hindering is utilized to portray various snippets of data with differing colors – neon yellow for the slipped by time jump bezel, light blue for running minutes or seconds, and lume on the dark dial for fundamental time-telling. Each choice is simply made considering reasonableness. Similarly that IH Scouts or early Ford Broncos are presently seen as delightful plans, this viable first Deep Blue comes together to be an incredibly comfortable watch in an advanced setting. The elastic “Jungle” lash and Favre-Leuba marked clasp complete the look, as bumpy rough terrain tires and steelies on an early SUV. Plunge into more photographs and all the subtleties of this Deep Sea in the Shop now.

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