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Vintage Watches A 1977 Rolex Submariner Retailed By Tiffany & Co., A 1960s Universal Genève Polerouter Sub, And A 1970s Omega Constellation Electroquartz

Vintage Watches A 1977 Rolex Submariner Retailed By Tiffany & Co., A 1960s Universal Genève Polerouter Sub, And A 1970s Omega Constellation Electroquartz

We accept each vintage watch has a story to tell. That is the thing that HODINKEE was established on, and since 2016, we’ve utilized our insight to present to you a curated determination of vintage watches in the HODINKEE Shop that you will not discover somewhere else, all conveyed with an accentuation on training, straightforwardness, and narrating. Also, presently, we’re kicking things up an indent . 

You’ll actually discover us here each Wednesday morning, we’ll actually be featuring what we love and what you should think about each vintage watch that shows up in the HODINKEE Shop. What’s going on, notwithstanding, is the measure of watches you’ll find every week. We’ve developed our group of trained professionals, and we’re presently ready to convey a bigger – and more extensive –  selection of vintage watches than at any other time. You’ll additionally find out about the feature pieces in every week’s variety in articles like the underneath, straightforwardly from the colleagues who are generally amped up for them. The comments area is likewise now open for conversation, since we need to get with you – don’t spare a moment to tell us your opinion and what you’d prefer to see from us going forward.  

This Week's Vintage Watches

1972 Heuer Autavia ‘Emissary’ Ref. 1163V

1985 Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Ref. 3788 With Box And Papers

1970 King Seiko Ref. 4502-7001

1980s Porsche Design by IWC Compass Watch With Moon Phase

1927 Longines Pocket Watch Chronometer In Silver

1960s Heuer Carrera Ref. 2447D ‘Decimal’

We are back this week with the HODINKEE Shop’s last determination of vintage watches this year! We’ve had a ton of fun with our week after week round-ups in 2020, presenting to you a wide assortment of our #1 vintage observes practically every Wednesday. Furthermore, after a particularly exciting year, we needed to end 2020 on a high note with perhaps the biggest combination of vintage observes ever, all at a scope of value focuses fit for whoever is left on your vacation shopping list –  even if that implies simply treating yourself (we will not tell!). You can make a beeline for the HODINKEE Shop presently to investigate our whole choice of vintage watches or read in to find our group’s interpretation of a couple of the current week’s top picks.

Oh, and before it slips we’s mind, ensure you’re pursued the HODINKEE Shop bulletin to get first dibs on all of the following year’s vintage watch refreshes. Trust us, you will not have any desire to pass up what we have made arrangements for 2021. 

A 1960s Universal Genève Polerouter Sub Ref. 869121/02 And A 1960s Universal Genève Polerouter Super Ref. 869112/25

By Saori Omura

Universal Genève watches have consistently been among my #1 vintage pieces in view of the company’s enthusiastic commitment to making new and extraordinary plans, continually repeating on its wide-running assortments throughout the long term. Let’s be honest –  the customary Swiss watch companies frequently veer toward the moderate side and tend to zero in on what they specialize in. General Genève is one of only a handful few brands who have figured out how to create straightforward and rich time-just dress watches close by tough game chronographs, including the famous Tri-Compax. One thing has consistently stayed valid: Universal Genève was never reluctant to have a go at something else, a reality expertly showed by the brand’s comprehensive champion assortment, the Polerouter.

The loved watch architect Gérald Genta was the man behind the first Polerouter plan, which appeared in 1954. It was a perfect plan with barely enough dressy and lively components folded into a solitary look, highlighting sculptural lyre drags and a silver section ring to draw out a hint of the device watch vibe. The Polerouter assortment in the long run enhanced to incorporate considerably more powerful pieces, for example, the Polerouter Sub and the Polerouter Super, as found in these two examples.

The Polerouter Sub has a striking, cool look that commands quick notice. It’s practically similar to seeing some unusual remote ocean fish interestingly and not exactly having the option to handle what you’re taking a gander at. The uneven case on this model highlights a thick, vigorously furrowed crown, a strange red bezel, wide glowing hour markers with a white painted casing, an enormous radiant silver hour hand, and a neon orange moment hand. There is a great deal going on, however subsequent to looking at it for a period, all that begins to blend and bode well. This is a watch expected to accompany a jumper on a submerged experience all things considered, and its dynamic appearance fills in as a consistent complement to the challenging idea of the game. I will say, nonetheless, that I’m happy the watch held some natural Universal Genève components, like the famous “U” logo and the flat crosshair theme that integrates it as a feature of the more extensive Polerouter family. You can investigate this Universal Genève Polerouter Sub right now in the HODINKEE Shop .

It’s not frequently that you’ll discover a Polerouter with a dim dial, however that is actually what we have here for you today. I’m a major aficionado of dark dials, so this Polerouter Super certainly grabbed my attention when it previously showed up in the Shop. It’s difficult to trust it just estimates 35mm in breadth since it certainly wears bigger on the wrist. The silk finish of the case is an unobtrusive however significant detail, and it looks extraordinary against the dark dial, whose non-lume execution keeps the general appearance quite spotless too. Another detail is the super fine external track. It’s so fine, it helps me to remember the silver-tone section ring found on the first Polerouter. This is a particularly incredible under-the-radar piece, and you can make it yours today .

A 1977 Rolex Submariner Ref. 1680 Retailed By Tiffany & Co. Also, A 1974 Rolex Explorer II 'Straight Hand' Ref. 1655 With Full Kit

By Brandon Frazin

Like my partner Cole Pennington says: ” Always read the caseback .” And that couldn’t be more evident than with this Submariner. Notwithstanding being initially sold at Tiffany & Co. with the retailer’s stamp on its dial, the watch has an exquisite caseback etching that just says “12-25-77 Love, Gayle.” The prospect of getting up Christmas morning to this Submariner in a little blue box is a watch authority’s fantasy. Who can say for sure how this blessing trade really went down, yet it is enjoyable to consider the situation and how, back in 1977, a “Tiffany-marked Rolex” wasn’t that enormous of an arrangement, while today, these retailer-marked watches are probably the most pursued by gatherers everywhere. 

In expansion to the fascinating caseback etching – which is fitting for this season – and the retailer-marked dial, this watch is in by and large delightful, legitimate condition. It would appear that Gayle truly nailed this present, as the watch was worn and adored for a long time. The bezel has matured to an excellent dull dim, graphite tone and the lume has all gone to a predictable beige/yellow tone. The hands have even built up a patina that nearly gives them a plated look, which adds to the appeal of the watch. As a considerable lot of you know at this point, the Submariner ref. 1680 is one of my undisputed top choices, and it will be difficult to bid farewell to this fine model. You can look at all the subtleties and investigate now in the HODINKEE Shop .

The Rolex Explorer II ref. 1655 is however fascinating as the day may be long – if, by some coincidence, you can’t tell whether it’s day or night any place you are, at that point this watch will be ideal for you. Initially proposed for use by cavern wayfarers and the individuals who wound up in conditions where AM and PM couldn’t be controlled by the encompassing components, the Explorer II ref. 1655 was created to give a solid, vigorous, and readable watch to help those out of luck. The orange 24-hour hand and fixed 24-hour bezel are there to monitor the hour of day for the individual wearing the watch. This capacity was very specialty, which is the reason the Explorer II ref. 1655 wasn’t actually a smash hit when it appeared in the 1970s.

This specific model comes straightforwardly from the first proprietor, who bought it in 1976 in Copenhagen. I was satisfied to discover, when we connected, that he had kept all the first desk work throughout the long term, including the receipt. He likewise portrayed to me the conditions of when and why he initially procured the watch. Quick version, there were a few issues with the water obstruction of another watch he possessed, which is the reason he chose to set aside and purchase a Rolex where that would not be an issue. On February 2, 1976, he went to his neighborhood Authorized Dealer in Copenhagen to buy an Explorer II. It was between a Submariner and this watch, which is the point at which he chose he needed to take a stab at something somewhat extraordinary, and voila – he unwittingly wound up with one of the more sought-after variations of the Explorer II with the straight seconds hand. 

A 1960s Favre-Leuba 'U.S. Divers' Deep Blue Ref. 59973 With Full Set And A 1970s Omega Constellation Electroquartz Ref. 196.005 In 18k Yellow Gold

By Logan Baker

I consistently request that Brandon and Saori watch out for the craziest, most odd watches every week to dole out to me when we’re getting ready for Wednesday’s vintage update. The sheer assortment of plans delivered by Swiss watch brands during the 1960s and ’70s is amazing and regularly obviously characteristic of the time frame in which they were conceived. The tones are uproarious, the cases are huge and thick, and there’s simply something so charming to me about this offbeat period in watchmaking history. This week, we have two pieces specifically that I can hardly wait to impart to you. 

First up, we have a Deep Blue plunge watch from Favre-Leuba delivered during the 1960s that comes complete as a full set and with the much pursued “U.S. Jumpers Aqua Lung” logo on a splendid orange dial. It not just comes with its whole unique unit (counting the hang tag!) yet additionally comes in basically new-old-stock condition. Furthermore, on the off chance that you stay aware of our Wednesday refreshes every week, you’ll realize that is something we don’t say lightly. 

If you’ve even been charmed by the recondite universe of 1960s jump observes however were maybe frightened away by condition or redundancy in plan, this Favre-Leuba Deep Blue may very well call your name – I realize I can hear it.

On a completely unique range of collectability –  but comparably compellingly astounding –  this 1970s Omega Constellation adjusts an intense, gold case profile and the continually captivating Beta 21 type inside. For those unconscious of the Beta 21’s importance throughout the entire existence of Swiss watchmaking, it was the aftereffect of 20 of the country’s most compelling watch brands coming together to make a Swiss-made quartz development. Believe it or not, this 18k yellow gold Omega Constellation houses a battery-controlled development with a smooth, clearing seconds hand. 

It’s a watch that is obviously true to its time of creation, trickling with old-school, all-gold abundance and the most imaginative Swiss timekeeping arrangement of its time ticking inside. Additionally, extra focuses for the presence of a “destro” crown and the splendid red six o’clock date opening. In the event that you can’t tell, I genuinely can’t get enough of this Constellation. Shouldn’t something be said about you? Investigate, here .

To see the whole current determination of vintage watches accessible in the HODINKEE Shop, click here

Questions? Send us a note , or let us know in the comments. Need to sell your watch through the HODINKEE Shop? Click here

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