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Watch Madness The 2020 HODINKEE Talking Watches Tournament, Day 15

Watch Madness The 2020 Talking Watches Tournament, Day 15

After three weeks of Watch Madness activity, the votes have been counted, the etcher is quick busy working on the prize, and we are excited to declare the champ. Out of 53 scenes, many watch stories, a large number of watches, and a huge number of plays, Your Favorite Talking Watches of All Time is …

Talking Watches With John Mayer

watch@audemarsreviews.com .com

What is it about our debut scene? Indeed, you say it best:

From peruser “Jam”: “Mayer, as HODINKEE, talks about watches, yet regarding for what reason being into watches and watch gathering is essential to us. Individuals who ask, ‘For what reason would you spend that much on a watch?’ or individuals who simply don’t get what it’s about may in any event appreciate our reality somewhat more having tuned in to Mayer’s videos.”

From peruser “Shubham”: “It’s John Mayer for me since that scene and the energy that JM oozes is the thing that drove a large number of us into this madness.” 

From peruser “americanloko”: “He portrays watches and the interest in a manner I feel, however don’t have the words or stories to fold over them. At the point when I watch a J.M. Talking Watches, my enthusiasm lights like a riff from Jerry’s guitar, the prospects become interminable, and therefore my vote goes to Mr. J.C. Mayer.”

We trust you appreciated this Watch Madness thing however much we did, and trust that it gave something of a break from “this present reality” at the present time. A gigantic thank you to the entirety of the authorities whose names show up in the bracket above for giving us your time, energy, and stories – every single scene brings back unfathomable recollections … just as musings of specially appointed lighting arrangements, batteries depleting, and SD cards topping off excessively fast (no one fills a SD card like John Mayer).

Thank you to all the editors who’ve facilitated these scenes easily: Ben, Jack, Stephen, Cara, James, Jon, Cole, our previous editorial manager Arthur, and Yu Sekiguchi over in Japan. Much thanks to you to the video makers in the background who make this thing sing: Gray, Dave, and Shahed. Furthermore, the vast majority of all, thank you for your energy and enthusiasm for this arrangement, for taking an interest in this piece of “Frenzy,” and for making these most recent couple of weeks fun.

We’ve delegated a most loved scene today, yet this is in no way, shape or form our Last Dance. We’re buckling down in the background to arrange future scenes and anticipate offering those to you. Up to that point, be protected out there – to take an expression from one of my #1 visitors, Jean-Claude Biver, best to leave your face “UN-TOUCHED!”

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