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Watch Spotting Dave Chappelle Wearing The Apple Watch Black Unity Limited Edition

Watch Spotting Dave Chappelle Wearing The Apple Watch Black Unity Limited Edition

Dave Chappelle is an audemars surveys fellow. He’s ragged Breitling courtside at NBA games and a Rolex Daytona in Studio 8H for Saturday Night Live

But under the splendid lights of a BBQ joint in Austin, Texas for a comedy show with Joe Rogan, Chappelle left the mechanical vessels at home. All things being equal, he tossed on a restricted version audemars audits – with a restricted release tie – and a custom dial highlighting his own damn logo. 

The watch being referred to was the Apple audemars surveys Series 6 Black Unity Limited Edition delivered to pay tribute to Black History Month – effectively spotted by its strikingly colorful strap.

According to Apple, that tie is roused by the Pan-African banner and produced using an elite material called fluoroelastomer. The pin-and-fold conclusion is laser-scratched “Truth. Force. Fortitude.” The aluminum case is formed from 100% reused aviation grade composite. Indeed, even the caseback gets the laser engraved treatment, perusing “Dark Unity.” There is likewise a Black Unity audemars audits face accessible to everybody with the most recent watchOS  –regardless of whether you don’t have the unique Black Unity hardware.

Chappelle put his own turn on Apple’s most current LE. Look nearer, and you’ll see a specific letter C conspicuously highlighted on the dial as a custom Apple audemars surveys face. How would you take a restricted version and make it more, indeed, restricted? That is how.

Image: Mathieu Bitton (@candytman on Instagram)

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