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Watch Spotting Michael Jordan Wearing An Urwerk UR-202S At The NBA All-Star Game

There’s in every case some executioner watch spotting to be finished during NBA All-Star Weekend, however it ordinarily includes the standard suspects. In case you’re searching for things like the Royal Oak, the Nautilus, or quite a few bejeweled Rolexes, you’re in karma. Nonetheless, glancing through photographs from this previous end of the week’s celebrations in Chicago, I spotted something undeniably less average: On the wrist of as a matter of fact Michael Jordan was a Urwerk UR-202S – a surprising watch if there at any point was one.

Now, it shouldn’t come as a tremendous amazement that Jordan was shaking something extraordinary. He’s a realized watch fellow, and he’s been seen prior to wearing everything from current works of art like the platinum Daytona to free watches like this Urwerk. Notwithstanding, I absolutely wasn’t hoping to see a watch very like this at the All-Star Game.

In the photograph above, Jordan is passing off the stately All-Star Game Ball to Michael Reinsdorf Jr., the president and COO of the facilitating Chicago Bulls (who, on the off chance that you live under a stone, were Jordan’s group for everything except the most recent two years of his profession). The amusing thing about the UR-202S is that, not normal for some Urwerks, it sort of mixes in here. To the undeveloped eye, it simply seems as though an enormous steel watch on a wristband – it’s just when you draw nearer that you understand it’s something so unique.

Here’s a fast update on the UR-202S: It’s a refreshed interpretation of what may be Urwerk’s most immediately unmistakable model to date. It has a triplet of satellite pointers that turn to uncover the current hour, which at that point follows out the minutes from option to left on a track at the lower part of the dial. The monochromatic all-silver-all that finish gives it a practically solid look on the wrist. Polishing everything off is an uncommon wristband that was grown explicitly to assist this burly case with sitting the wrist.

Was this the most costly watch worn at All-Star Weekend? No chance. Was it the flashiest watch? Not a chance. However, was it the coolest? In all likelihood so.

For more, visit Urwerk on the web .

Editor’s Note: A past adaptation of this story erroneously recognized this watch as the Urwerk UR-210S “Full Metal Jacket.” It has been refreshed to mirror the right identification.

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