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Weekend Round-Up Sandwich Shortages, Quitting The NFL, And Living Under The Sea (For Space)

Weekend Round-Up Sandwich Shortages, Quitting The NFL, And Living Under The Sea (For Space)

Why Popeyes Is Still Out Of Fried Chicken Sandwiches – Vox

Until as of late, I had never truly really thought about Popeyes chicken – I think I’ve been once, perhaps. Yet, when they got down on the much-dearest, and here and there disputable, Chick-Fil-An on Twitter recently my ears and tastebuds livened up. A couple of days after the fact, people from the HODINKEE office were on the chase for this purportedly magnificent sandwich, just to discover it was sold out. How can one of the greatest chicken chains in the nation dispatch an item so popular they can’t stay aware of interest? Vox separates the stuff to sling these sandwiches, and where Popeyes either turned out badly or right. Dread not, ravenous perusers – the arrival of this lovely poultry enchant is half a month away. Together, we can climate this storm. 

–Brad Slavin, Advertising Manager

The Pan American Boeing 377 Stratocruiser – Silodrome

We will in general over-romanticize the past. “Things aren’t what they used to be,” they’ll say. Furthermore, when you take a gander at it from a security point of view, it’s a darn beneficial thing that it isn’t what it used to be. Fortunately for us, 2017 was the most secure year for commercial avionics in written history. However, regarding the ordinary experience of flying, I figure people may be onto something when they say the greatness long stretches of carrier travel are far gone. Watch these two Boeing-supported ’50s films about flying on the 377 Stratocruiser to perceive what I mean. 

–Cole Pennington, Editor

NFL Veteran Vontae Davis Quit The NFL Midgame. This is what Happened Next – ESPN

When NFL quarterback Andrew Luck startlingly declared his retirement from football refering to persistent torment and injury, he got under the skin of avid supporters all over the place. Many considered his to be flight as an infringement of the football “code” – a savage game demands a fierce cost, and its players should energetically acknowledge that. However, Luck’s story is important for a greater one that numerous fans are attempting to acknowledge: the game is changing and its players alongside it. Last season, NFL cornerback Vontae Davis made a comparable, maybe much seriously stunning way out from football. Midgame, his group following 28 – 6, he walked directly off the field without a word and out of the game for great. This top to bottom profile from ESPN investigates how Davis and his kindred NFL players are recalculating the genuine cost of their pain.

Greyson Korhonen, Producer 

What It’s Like To Live On The Sea Floor To Simulate Life In Space – Atlas Obscura

From the outside of the moon to the profundities of the seas, preparing for NASA space travelers and their worldwide partners knows no limits. Lowered in a submerged living space off the bank of Florida, NASA works their Extreme Environment Mission Operations Team. As inhabitants of the Aquarius Undersea Laboratory, these space-contiguous space travelers go through their days testing gear, directing examinations, and recreating circumstances space travelers may experience on the moon – all while 62 feet underneath ocean level. This meeting, through Atlas Obscura, addresses one of the lead scientists about existence underneath the water and the headways that the space program is making to guarantee the fate of lunar exploration. 

Sarah Reid, Advertising Manager

Test Pilot Recounts F-117’s Wobbly First Flight And Entering Into Its Top Secret World – The Drive

While the idea of raging Area 51 is, at absolute best, profoundly and intensely tricky, the territory is one that has consistently gathered something reasonable of daring individuals, Among those positions, few captivate me more so than aircraft testers. Hop into the account of “Hal” Farley Jr., a Navy pilot that would in the long run wind up testing planes in the strongly mysterious universe of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works. Covering everything from UFOs to the most punctual trips of the covert F-117, I discovered this video to be perpetually fascinating. Of the multitude of insane positions I romanticize in my brain, few appear to be more strongly hazardous than being an aircraft tester, not to mention one for the most progressive aviation advancement program of all time. 

James Stacey, Senior Writer

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