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Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Full Open 38.00 Watch Review

Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Full Open 38.00 Watch Review

The new-for-2017 Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Full Open 38.00 depends on a straightforward, yet amazing formula. Stage 1: take a unique estimated Zenith El Primero chronograph. Stage 2: eliminate its dial and calibrate a couple of subtleties as needs be and Step 3: appreciate. It was almost two years back that I audited the El Primero Original 1969 – one of only a handful few watches I can say I altogether delighted in and miss wearing – and I was interested to check whether this “full open-ized” piece will be a significant other option, or in the event that it misses the mark by attempting too hard.

As such, permit me to keep this survey somewhat more limited and more direct, as this Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Full Open 38.00 (reference 03.2153.400/78.C813) has basically a similar case, development, tie, and fasten as the Original 1969. One final highlight explain: the Original 1969 has been stopped, however the Chronomaster El Primero 38mm (reference 03.2150.400/69.C713) is a minutely refreshed rendition of that piece that is right now accessible from Zenith.

Quick Run-Down On Specs

The Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Full Open 38.00 comes in a 38mm wide and 12.45mm thick case, wearing a plentiful 100m of water obstruction and coordinated to an odd, 19mm wide lash. Both the front and back element sapphire gem windows, with the front highlighting double side AR-covering over its boxed and marginally domed precious stone element.

The development inside remaining parts the El Primero 400 Automatic, an exemplary emphasis that falls near the first El Primero type – mind you, it is presently behind a dark colored precious stone that makes it somewhat more hard to acknowledge under some lighting conditions. It is, obviously, a fully coordinated chronograph type, composed of 278 sections, 31 jewels, and an equilibrium wheel that beats at the much-adored 5Hz recurrence, while power hold runs more than two full days at around 50 hours. The segment wheel, even grasp, programmed winding, and an excellent development and sub-dial design make it a genuine classic.

Notably, the El Primero 400 is likewise as boisterous as it’s ever been, particularly now, with the open dial, that permits sound to go through the case no sweat. In a tranquil room, it is discernible when on the work area at around two feet away, and when I lift my arm close to my head – striking my Rodin’s The Thinker present – I can hear it tick-tocking at its mad and great 36,000bph. Some will adore the El Primero for that, however others will need to realize that it’s a watch you can hear in calm conditions – not something you’ll likely make out in the boutique, while attempting it on.

The El Primero – Transformed

The Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Full Open 38.00 is another reference for 2017, and keeping in mind that there have been various varieties of the El Primero with various degrees of skeletonization, this is the first I can review to be a 38mm-wide variation with a fully eliminated dial. It is likewise here where we should take note of that this isn’t actually a skeletonized watch, as that term is generally used to allude to developments whose plates (and perhaps some different parts) have been fully burrowed out to bring however much straightforwardness into the movement’s structure as could be expected. Praise to Zenith for utilizing the right term and considering this a Full Open and not an El Primero Skeleton, in spite of the fact that this piece appears to incorporate a couple of pieces that seem to have been altered to make the dial-side of the El Primero all the more entrancing to look at.

The outcome is one bonkers looking El Primero that comes with huge loads of originality and fervor to it – yet in addition a couple of issues that merit referencing. Let’s dive in and see all the advantages and disadvantages of this striking, new, and alluring emphasis of a particularly adored chronograph.

There can be no uncertainty to the goodness factor of the El Primero Full Open – it’s a striking watch, with a full horizon of wheels, minuscule springs, cams, plates, and openworked sub-dials – it’s one hell of a view, and furthermore something that you’re exceptionally unlikely to get exhausted of at any point in the near future (or ever, besides). Regardless of whether one enjoys or abhorrences full open watches is down to individual inclinations and taste, yet that doesn’t mean a watch without a dial can’t be tastefully done.


For a “full open” watch to stay classy, it should stay clear – for example keep up its center usefulness as a watch – and this cycle of the El Primero works effectively at all that. The hands remain absolutely gigantic, adequately wide, and excessively long, as the moment hand comes to throughout the moment track on the very fringe of the dial. What kind of divination is this? Why can’t all watches resemble this?

Not sure in the event that you have seen, however the hour and moment hands are basically precisely equivalent to the ones on the steel Rolex Daytona 116520 ( surveyed here ) – I’ll eat my cap if they’re not from the specific provider. The lone contrast to note is in the length of the white lume strip in the middle, and that the hands in the Rolex Daytona are in white gold. Two notorious watches rock fundamentally similar primary hands – and, think about what, I wager neither of them would have kept going this long on the off chance that they had measly, hopeless, minuscule hands.

Equally huge, wide, long, and blocky applied lists go with the primary hands beautifully, adding weight and substance to a dial in any case committed to tiny and intelligent parts. This makes for an excellent harmony between the delicate full open appearance and the manly, amazing stylish of the first El Primero – extraordinary work there.

A fun element is the Zenith El Primero logo imprinted on the underside of the front gem – I as of now love the wonderful way idealists won’t avoid making themselves look absurd again by flipping out over something this. In all actuality, it adds a great deal of profundity to the dial that doesn’t have any space at all for this logo on it at any rate. I comprehend that the open dial gives a lot of stuff to marvel at, yet trust me, a couple of months into claiming a watch (any watch) it is these sudden subtleties that you will develop to appreciate. Last, yet not least, if you’re so against it but rather in any case like the watch, I’m sure the gem from the strong dial variant will fit just fine.

The date stays at the 4:30 position, however is currently shown by a skeletonized circle over a red square – there is even a little red triangle that focuses at it that isn’t present on the picture of the watch that Zenith as of now utilizes on their authority site. I can truly value seeing a major brand like Zenith ending up being adaptable and making such changes in accordance with a plan even after the first dispatch, with an end goal to additionally enhance decipherability and client friendliness.

In synopsis, clarity stays OK for a watch with basically no dial. On the off chance that your close sight is poor, at that point you’ll experience difficulty perusing the sub-dials, yet that comes more from this being a 38mm wide watch with three sub-dials, than from that point not being a strong scenery behind the sub-dial hands. A decent touch is the way the edges of the sub-dials speak to the first sub-dial shades of the El Primero, coming in at silver, dim, and dim blue – much the same as the huge hands and records, these additionally help safeguard the El Primero look.


My most loved quality of the Original 1969 was its right on target extents – taking a gander at that little, 38mm wide watch with its huge sub-dials was a desert spring to my eyes in a world so full of visual and stylish contamination. In the metal and on the wrist, it was just right. I can’t force myself to feel the equivalent about the Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Full Open. At certain areas of the dial, to my eyes in any event, there has all the earmarks of being a lot of room, as over the plane of the sub-dials. At that point, the moment track on the fringe is altogether too thick and articulated, regardless of whether, after a nearby comparison, I could perceive how this rib ring really is significantly smaller than on the strong dial version.

As I have noted above, I have come to like all the different dial elements – the hands, the fabulous assortment of uncovered development components, the enormous files, the sub-dial outlines, etc – yet once set up all, they just don’t accumulate as nicely as they do on the strong dial variant. I’m prepared to concede that possibly I simply like the Original 1969 variety to an extreme; and I additionally can’t stress enough that the manner in which the extents and in general plan of a watch works is for everybody all alone to choose – and there’s no finer method of doing that than by attempting it on.


If you miss the typical history fragment or the one on wearability and further subtleties of the development, may I recommend that you look at my survey of the Original 1969 variety, which, as I said initially, is basically a similar watch, at any rate the extent that those credits are concerned.

Overall, I genuinely needed to see the Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Full Open 38.00 in the metal, as I was interested how an open dial El Primero would show up and wear, in actuality. Generally, I can say that it, until this point in time, places the total lion’s share of different chronographs in its section to disgrace on account of its beautifully planned case, extraordinary wearing comfort, nicely executed development (both on the back and the dial side) and… it’s a 38mm wide El Primero, which is difficult to beat. Really awful this solid bundle comes at a fairly steep price.

The Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Full Open 38.00.00 (reference 03.2153.400/78.C813) is estimated at €9,600 or around $11,200. zenithwatches.com

Necessary Data

>Brand: Zenith

>Model: Chronomaster El Primero Full Open 38.00.00 (reference 03.2153.400/78.C813)

>Price: $11,200 USD

>Size: 38mm wide, 12.45mm thick

>Would commentator actually wear it: Sometimes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Fan of open-dial observes yet needs it in a more modest, more wearable estimated watch.

>Best normal for watch: The 38mm I believe is as yet the best size for the El Primero. Great job by Zenith on getting the “full open” subtleties directly on the dial.

>Worst normal for watch: Proportions could be improved as that of the Original 1969 is elusive here, in spite of the case being the equivalent. Or maybe discernible development might be irritating to some.

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