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Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression ZO9265 & ZO9264 Watch Review

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression ZO9265 & ZO9264 Watch Review

Colorful watches plainly are not for everybody: next time you can, simply investigate the determination inside the windows of your neighborhood watch retailers and see with your own eyes how moderate watches actually are, as brands do everything they can to intently follow patterns and the flavor of the more extensive public. Nonetheless, when you do find a out of control looking piece that you like, the majority of all the other things will simply show up so safe and dull. Enter the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression ZO9265 and ZO9264 watches, which may very well be some of the best “go anyplace however not bore you to death” offer watches out there.

With its infant blue bezel and dynamic, immersed orange components, all further featured by a dim dial, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression ZO9265 is one hell of a “zero cares given” watch – and I as of now friggin’ love it for that. Being toward the finish of summer with some fair sunshiny days actually staying in my life may make them feel more slanted to show my enthusiasm for the perfect climate through my affection for watches – but I won’t let that shield me from finding what this Super Sea Wolf 53 resembles on the off chance that you are in with it for the since quite a while ago run. Besides, Ariel had the ZO9264 with him in Los Angeles, so we have pictures of that elective as well.

When I initially put it on I definitely knew, the 1,495-dollar Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression ZO9265 isn’t simply among the most costly Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression pieces, yet in addition in the upper level of “enthusiast plunge watches.” Just 82 bits of this emphasis exist, yet you can shave $300 off the cost on the off chance that you pick a non-restricted rendition on a tie, as Ariel’s blue-on-blue ZO9264 that retails for $1,195. Inquisitive to discover how this stands up as an incentive, I started my experience with the more costly model – and will zero in on this all through, however will compare it to the more affordable variation where it makes sense.

First, A Bit Of History

As is normally the case, let’s start this survey by and by taking a gander at the larger picture, to be specific the historical backdrop of the brand and the specific watch within reach. Most importantly, Zodiac is a verifiable brand –  of course it will be, it says Zodiac 1882 on the caseback, m’kay?

It all began as a workshop in 1882 – enormous costly produces had not been outgrowing the Swiss land at the time as they do today – established by one Ariste Calame. Calame started his activity under his own name however soon enough exchanged to Zodiac, however it was not until 1908 that the brand name became officially registered – which is additionally when the creation of the brand’s first wrist watches began.

Understandably, the Zodiac watches that appreciate a clique following today are the charmingly novel device watches from the ’50s and ’60s. These pieces, to be specific the Sea Wolf and its various emphasess, offer a more remarkable glance at a reasonable value point and good enough form quality – something that we’ll discover applies to both the vintage firsts and the cutting edge pieces the same. Furthermore there is the peculiar however marvelous Astrographic ( evaluated here ) as well –we mustn’t disregard that.

Add to this amazing accomplishments like a little 10.5-ligne development with 8-day power save from 1937, the Dynotron “Swiss electronic watch,” and what over the long run transformed into an unbelievably different scope of watches from triple date chronographs and GMTs through mid 36,000vph innovative pieces and plunge observes right to dress watches… and you realize you are taking a gander at a brand with the appropriate zing to make timepieces.

All this prominent, the Sea Wolf is this 200m water safe, intelligible, special looking jumper that made its introduction in 1953 and acquired foothold in the last part of the ’50s and early ’60s. They ventured to such an extreme as to compose “Especially Water Tested” on its caseback and promote it as “The most well known watch in 3/4 of the world” – since, as they clarified, that a significant part of the world is submerged and the Zodiac Sea Wolf is the “undisputed first choice” of skin jumpers. What the hell, it even accompanied a “unbreakable lifetime origin and equilibrium staff” and was promoted as “an official watch of the Swiss Federal Railways.” Mind you, while truth in publicizing ostensibly wasn’t as firmly directed in those days as it is today, this actually is a noteworthy rundown of highlights for a skin jumper watch to brag about. Likewise, if you’d love to have the cutting edge adaptation of the first, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Skin reference ZO9205 is the one.

Fast forward to the quartz emergency and you’ll understand what I’m going to state: Zodiac was one of the endless brands that didn’t endure the last part of the ’70s and ’80s. The story proceeds in the standard design: the rights to the brand have been sold and exchanged until it wound up with the Fossil Group, basically the world’s biggest gathering of style watch brands. Zodiac, in any case, is obviously the odd one out.

Zodiac observes all get the “Swiss Made” stamp on both the dial and the case – and supposedly (and I would say up until now), just cases created in Switzerland can be stepped Swiss Made; a watch that complies with Swiss Made guidelines (more on those here ) however without a Swiss Made case will just have said checking on the dial. Obviously, not all Swiss made cases are stepped “Swiss Made.” Anyhow, Fossil’s Swiss development make is called STP (Swiss Technology Production) and it is STP who gives the development to essentially all Zodiac Sea Wolf watches. More on the development soon, yet now…


Even with its abnormal tones, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression ZO9265 is one safe plan nowadays – vintage-style watches are particularly in and the ZO9265’s 40mm wide case hits a sweet spot when observes at last seem to have not just quit filling in size year-over-year, yet recoil a touch. The carry width is 20mm – in the event that you need to keep a watch straightforward, simply hold fast to 40-20-12 (or less for that last mentioned, thickness figure), and you should be alright.

Make no slip-up in any case, the Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression is an extraordinary and fascinating looking watch, even with its more sensible proportions. There is simply “something right” about a 40mm wide, round watch – it feels, wears and looks directly on the wrist. The moderately long, straight carries make for a more certain look, which saves the Super Sea Wolf from resembling a kid’s watch. I locate that numerous 38-40mm watches don’t have enough character, particularly not when coordinated with more lively tones, but rather the ZO9265 looks just as cool and experienced as one might actually anticipate that an orange-blue watch should be.

One keep going note on the shading plan here: I just can’t stress enough how fabulous of a late spring watch this is – and when I unavoidably will be wearing it during the freezing cold winters of Budapest, it will even now look sufficient to help me to remember fun occasions from the previous summer. Since it has a medium size (by present day watch plan norms), its uproarious shadings stand apart more and are not overpowered or transformed into foulness by a strangely bigger size. When seen on the wrist, all over town, the ZO9265 looks both fun, remarkable, and comfortable. On the off chance that I needed to portray a fun however develop watch, I’d state it should show those qualities.

The 40mm-wide instance of the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression ZO9265 is made from 316L treated steel (like most any remaining quality steel watches) and is water impervious to a profundity of 200m, making it an appropriate jump watch. Extra jump watch components are a screw-down crown and a steel, screw-down caseback with an emblazoned and cleaned Zodiac logo and corrosive carved markings (“acid etched” – possibly it’s just me yet that sounds pretty cool).

A by and large more infrequently experienced plan component is the gem covered bezel. Zodiac fitted the child blue bezel with a K1 mineral gem, with a “blaze orange” minute track and a pip – lit up by the Natural Super-LumiNova underneath it. The watchful impressions of this domed gem add such a huge amount to the impression the Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression makes. It looks more refined and outwardly intriguing. K1 mineral gem seemingly isn’t as hard as sapphire gem, however it will require a great deal of exertion to scratch it – the one on this survey piece is wonderful even after a reasonable piece of wear. Watch repairer companions disclose to me one need not stress over it truly misting up or losing its sheen either.

Quality of execution on the steel case and arm band is nice enough at the cost. The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression ZO9265 the two looks and feels strong, with cleaned and brushed surfaces exchanging between various fragments of the outside. The crown is anything but difficult to utilize and screw down, the bezel feels strong with no wobble by any means, and the wristband is significantly in a way that is better than the Jubilee-type ones experienced frequently on specialty work area jumpers – the four-figure cost is certainly reflected here.

The five-interface arm band with its strong connections normally seems to have been emphatically propelled be the evergreen Rolex Jubilee wristband – and keeping in mind that the execution will expectedly miss the mark regarding that, it is path better than the ones you jump on not many hundred-dollar watches. As much as I appreciate wearing blender watches, the also styled wristband on, state, a Seiko SKX007 I believe is simply insufferably awful. The piece appended to the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 was adequate that it’s not just that I didn’t need to take it off and cover it in the nursery the second I saw it, however felt glad to wear the watch on the OEM wristband (more on wearability just below).

The ZO9265 likewise comes with an elastic tie along the Jubilee-style arm band, yet I didn’t get that elastic tie with the audit piece – I have seen it involved at Basel however. It was an adaptable and pleasantly made tie with the first ardillon clasp. Heaps of openings for simple change made for a simple fit, however on the off chance that you have a more modest wrist, you’ll need to realize that the more drawn out part goes around and expands somewhat more than you’d most likely need it to.


Wearing comfort on the bracelet is incredible. The stacked lines of small connections empower the wristband to easily fold over the flawed oval state of the wrist – I haven’t had issues with hair-pulling either, which is a decent thing.

The catch I have not developed to appreciate as much as I did the arm band: it takes what I feel to be altogether too much power to close, and the awry plan implies that you need to become acclimated to which end you close first. Furthermore, there are some more honed edges to a great extent, which makes the entire cycle of shutting the catch that smidgen more uncomfortable than it should be. Easily overlooked details, yet hello, they are worth noting.

One keen – and, in truth, reclaiming – highlight of the wristband and catch is oneself changing miniature change component found at the two finishes of the fasten – when I come into power, I’ll set it in law that all watch arm bands should have this. It’s a generally basic, even better, prudent method of doing a miniature change fasten: as your wrist grows and you’d need the arm band to do regardless, at the two closures where the bracelet’s joins meet the catch, there is a little spring stacked piece that permits the wristband to easily extend by not in excess of a couple of millimeters on each side. Except if you’re Hulk himself, that will impeccably get the job done. Extraordinary work here, Zodiac.


I mean, simply take a gander at those gigantic hands. I don’t know about an excessive number of different watches where this much surface of the dial is covered by the two fundamental hands whenever – best of luck perusing any of the extravagant content with these two awful young men going around. While the hour and moment hands are generally close fit as a fiddle and size, you won’t ever confound the two – the altogether different tones will help you disclose to them separated in the light, while the entirely unexpected state of the lume fragments in each recognizes them in the dark.

The thick hour and moment hands won’t take into consideration as simple and exact decipherability as some delightful, hand-honed dauphine hands, however this stout, orange hand and the manner in which it matches with the square lists and orange moment track is only the ideal counterpart for the Super Sea Wolf.

Luminescent covering on the hands is more or less great – Seiko’s madly splendid LumiBright lume despite – while the lists seem to have been treated with a comparably lower quality material. Zodiac calls the lume on the hands Natural Super-LumiNova (however I don’t know what “natural” stands for here, aside from the way that it’s better than on the files), while the records have C1 Super-LumiNova. Add to this the lumed pip in the bezel, and you have a light-show completely sufficient for a valid (and expensive) plunge watch.


Inside the restricted edition Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression ZO9265 ticks the STP3-13 “in-house” development. At the point when I state “in-house” what I mean is that STP is the Fossil Group’s development make – in Switzerland, all things considered, – that you can find out about in Ariel’s produce visit here . The STP3-13 in the ZO9265 is a three-hand development with date that runs at a recurrence of 4Hz (28,800vph) and has a force save of 44 hours.

Where it truly utilizes its muscles is its COSC Chronometer confirmation – once more, only for the restricted release, while the infant blue/dark blue piece that Ariel took pictures of has a similar STP3-13 development however without the COSC accreditation. Zodiac/STP really ought to have named the COSC ensured variation contrastingly to save everybody the disarray. In any case, the dial of the ZO9265 gladly flaunts ‘Automatic Chronometer’ on the dial – kind of as a pompous wink at Tudor and Rolex. There is no transparent caseback except for the development has a Zodiac marked rotor, perlage, and blue screws.


Price for the 82-piece restricted edition Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression ZO9265 is $1,495, while the non-restricted, blue-on-blue ZO9264 that trench the arm band and the COSC affirmation retails for $1,195. This makes these moderately more costly than numerous other outside the box jumpers or the go-to choices from Seiko, yet nature of execution both all around, alongside an extraordinary wristband and a COSC confirmed development help legitimize the cost. Involved, the Super Sea Wolf 53 is your spending Tudor competitor, and not your overrated Seiko alternative. From the super protected vintage firsts and dark on-dim models to the ZO9265, Zodiac set up a solid line-up of all around made, vintage enlivened watches and if enough individuals can get them to take a stab at face to face, I anticipate that them should do well in what really is an extremely competitive market. zodiacwatches.com

Necessary Data

>Brand: Zodiac

>Model: Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression ZO9265

>Price: $1,495

>Size: 40mm wide

>Would commentator actually wear it: Yes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Into vintage plunge watches and needs something that gazes directly from that period, yet also demands modern fabricate quality and performance.

>Best normal for watch: Just a particularly fair and fun-looking watch, that is an outright euphoria to wear. Likewise looks like a watch, with barely enough character to make it unique.

>Worst normal for watch: Wish bezel was sapphire and that the hands’ extraordinary lume was on the records as well. Catch has a couple edges  that are too sharp.

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